Punjabi Methi Ka Paratha-The only recipe you will ever need

Punjabi Methi Ka Paratha is the quintessential breakfast in punjabi homes. I mean we punjabi’s cannot imaging our lives without methi ka paratha.

Its healthy, tasty and full of nutrition.


I know its specific to winters but apparently in Mumbai its easily available all year long. Lucky for me that I can enjoy it all year long. My son has recently started recognizing colors and he was so happy to see a green paratha. And as a mum I was happy to see my son happy to eat paratha.

So other that that methi aka. Fenugreek leaves are rich in proteins, vitamin, iron and dietary fiber. This is a typical punjabi household breakfast or brunch recipe. If you have any other method do share it with me and I would love to add that in this post.

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My fav accompniments with methi ka paratha is some mixed picke/achar and very liquid y, watery lassi/mattha or buttermilk.


2 cups washed and chopped methi leaves

1 & 1/2 cups flour/atta

Salt & pepper as per taste

1 red onion finely chopped


Mix all the ingredients. Add water just enough for the flour to come together.

Oil your hands and knead the dough. Rest for 10 mins.

Now simply make paratha as usual. Top with butter or achaar.

I have not fried these paratha’s and just applied little ghee on top after paratha is  made.

For chaas/lassi (for 1 glass) simply add 2 tbsp curd and 250ml of water, salt & pepper and roasted crushed cumin seeds/jeera. Blend in a jar. Pour in a tall glass and enjoy!!




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  1. Much like the Gujarati thepla where we add loads of fresh methi. I remember playing colour games with different colored parathas with my kids when they were little. A good breakfast time treat.

  2. Avin,
    These parathas look super scrumptious to begin with and then reading about achar and chaas with it is making me super hungry 🙂
    So nice that your son likes this nutritional paratha!

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