Pesto Paneer Skewers | Paneer Seekh | Cottage Cheese Pesto Skewers

Happy Diwali everybody!! This is my first post in a long time. Had a lot of stuff to post but couldn’t get time to, lots of distractions? blah!!

Pesto paneer skewers is a perfect fusion appetizer/ party snack that can be made within 30 min.

I made these a while back and my family loved it. Me and my family is sorta in love with pesto and I don’t like versions. Pesto means basil pesto. Fresh fragrance from basil instantly wakes me up. I made pesto specially for this recipe but if you have some leftover you have to try this.

Cottage cheese/ paneer works best in this recipe as its creamy and compliments the very less cheese I put in pesto.


I once bought a jar of pesto thinking I wanna taste how the original stuff taste and ended up regretting it!! Its was oily, bitter and darker in color; nothing like I expected. Make you own, its the best.( Learn here how)

Coming back to recipe, its the easiest kind. Just mix, wait a little and grill. Its like a party food. You can also are arrange them in toothpicks, spray some oil on them and broil till you get a lovely char. I was in the grilling mood so used my grill pan and stove top it was.


Directions to make pesto paneer skewers-


3/4 cup basil pesto

1 cup of paneer cubes

1 cup veggies of your choice( I have used onions, capsicums, tomato’s)

Salt & pepper as per taste


In a large bowl mix all the ingredients and marinade for at leat 30 min to max 2 hours.

Till then soak your skewers in water.

Take the skewers out of water, dry them and brush them generously with oil.

Now arrange the skewers with the paneer and veggies. Grill on a hot pan till nicely charred. This may take about 5 mins.

This recipe make 4-5 skewers.

Serve them on a bed of shredded lettuce.



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