Pesto Paneer

One of the best herbs you can find is Pesto. This Italian herb has my heart. I tried pesto paneer and it turned out to be yum!

So apart from using basil in Arrabiata sauce I do make amazing pesto sauce which was used in this recipe among other ingredients.


I find basil pesto paneer tikka as the perfect starter or a light meal in itself. The creamy paneer and the herb-y pesto is an explosion on my palate.

For pesto recipe click here

Directions to make pesto paneer-

1/2 cup fresh pesto
200gm paneer
4 onions quartered
3 tomatoes quartered
Salt and pepper as per taste


In a nonstick kadai pour little oil. Shallow fry the cubes until golden brown. Keep aside.


In the same kadai heat some more oil. Add the onions. Saute til slighly charred.


Add tomato . Cook for 1min.


Add the panner.


Add pesto. Ajust salt and pepper as per your taste. Add some water and let it cook until desired. Voila.



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