Pineapple Drink, Non Alcoholic, Make Easy Pineapple Party Drink At Home

This is an easy slush recipe which uses either soda or water, taste good with both. Simple spices added to the fresh pineapple pulp gives this amazing drink.

Directions to make pineapple drink-


Fresh pineapple slices

Roasted cumin powder as per taste

Black salt as per taste

4 tbsp sugar(adjust as per the sweetness of pineapple)

2 pinches black pepper


Blend the pineapple slices in the blender.

Strain through a sieve.

Now add sugar, salt, black pepper and jeera.

Please note that sugar should be a little more as when you add soda or water it will get diluted.

Now add chilled soda or water as per your preference. Serve chilled.




I have used the pulp of half a medium size pineapple and got 3 glasses of this amazing and refreshing drink.

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