Must Know Postpartum Recovery Facts For New Moms

As beautiful is the phase of pregnancy, postpartum can be hard(for most anyway). And not only first time moms but second time moms too.

We prepare so much for our baby that’s to come but do we prepare ourself enough? I feel its all good if you are more informed and more prepared for what’s to come.

Postpartum recovery

Post partum depression is real but there are many other problems a women goes through after child birth.

To better care for our baby we need to care for ourselves first.

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Here are some truth about postpartum recovery that are less talked about-

  1. Care for your stitches– follow your doctors instructions, apply ointment for pain, keep them clean and they will heal in no time. Its essential for you to feel better and not miserable. Stitches take about 2 weeks(in normal delivery) to heal and any kind of problem should be immediately discussed with your doctor.
  2. Leaking, engorged breasts– such a common problem for moms; a lot of us have them. Feed your baby on time. If you are producing a lot of milk then pump and maybe donate. Use warm compressing to relive pain. Expressing milk helps with engorgement too.
  3. Constipation– Most moms feel constipated and the best or natural way to treat it is to have more water and fluids, eat fibre rich food and keep a routine if possible. Still if you’re having difficulty then your doctor can suggest an over the counter stool softener.
  4. Vaginal soreness, fear of pooping, hemorrhoids– Most common problems during a vaginal delivery. Good news is that after about 4-6 weeks you will start to feel better. Pushing baby can cause strain and is the major cause of hemorrhoids; keep it in check with not getting constipated. If you fear pooping don’t worry when your body is ready you will not be able to stop it so the actual fear is mostly in your head.
  5. Abdominal pain & back pain– Most common during a C sec the abdominal stitches takes a little time to heal(around 6-8 weeks) and can cause abdominal pain and back pain in the long run. As soon as you get ok from.your doctor start working on strengthening your abdominal muscle.
  6. Water retention and swelling– You can experience water retention and swelling even after pregnancy for up to 6 months or even more. Your body can look pregnant and gradually the swelling will go down. Keep your salt intake less and drink more water.
  7. Not able to breast feed, low milk supplyvery common in new moms. Dont worry in most cases you will soon get your milk supply back. But if it does not work out a plan with your doctor on how to go about it.
  8. Low sex drive– your libido can go for a toss when you deliver. Even after you have physically healed it can take months to feel like yourself. Caring for a new born and other responsibilities can make you tired and sex could be the last thing on your mind. But be open with your partner and ensure to work it out.
  9. Pain in joins– all the pushing during delivery can lead to pain and it can remain the same even after you have delivered. Weight training ensure you stay active and healthy. Dont stop taking you calcium and vitamins after your delivery.
  10. Post partum Depression– this really is a huge problem because its one of the most undetected problem. You can feel overwhelmed with all the baby care and everything else. Its ok. Seek help. You baby and partner need you.

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All this may seem a lot but its all worth it. Best part when its happening most of then time you wont know or would care less about yourself.

But the first step to be prepared for motherhood is to tale care of your own self.

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Postpartum recovery

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