Protect Your Precious- Child Safety In Association with CHEVROLET

As a parent, one of the most important job is to keep your child safe. Being a mother of a naughty 3 year old I know how difficult it is to keep my child seated in the back while driving. As soon as he tries to come out of the belt and tries to stand I immediately stop the car and ask him to sit down so I can fix him up AGAIN!! I have seen so many parents driving with kids and in so many cases either the kid is standing in the front/back, sitting in the front without a belt or a toddler in in the mothers lap. What they don’t know is how dangerous it can be!

Chevrolet has taken up an initiative and launched a campaign #ProtectYourPrecious to generate awareness regarding child safety while driving. These cute Chevrolet safety ninjas are spotting parents with kids or toddlers to take the Chevrolet Tiny Safety Challenge. You too can join the drive and take the pledge here.

Child safety on roads is often neglected by the parents and children due to lack of awareness. For this Chevrolet has created video where the safety ninja’s as a series of questions to number of parents and if they are successful in answering all question they get a Safety Ninja Takeaway!! Isn’t it cool.
I believe as a mom its important to define a routine attitude about the recommended car safety measures; It will ensure that your child understands why they need to be in a car seat and tucked in safety of a seat belt. Make sure to go with them through all these points as they age.


Child lock is one if the important feature available in your car that we rarely use. But it’s important to use child lock ALWAYS as it ensures safety of you and your child.


Car seat is often an underestimated accessory when it comes to traveling with a toddler. Please make sure you buy when as per your car and your child’s age requirements. There are two types of car seat (Note: Always take a professional’s help to determine which Car Seat suits your child):-

  1. REAR FACING CAR SEAT– which simply means backward facing seat. This type of car seat is meant for infant’s age 0-2 unless the height and weight specifications exceeds the manufacturer manual.
  2. FRONT FACING CAR SEAT– is for kids 2 and above until they exceed the height and weight limitations usually until age 4.


Seat beat is essential even for the adult. You can very well set an example by wearing one and then explaining the kid why they need one. Seat belt can reduce the risk of injury during an accident. You know seat belt is enough for your child safety when they can’t slide out of it. Else a booster seat should be used in order to adjust the height so that seat belt fits perfectly. Please ensure that your child is seated in the back with the seat belt.


Your child will always be more secure when seated in the rear/back seat. Ensure you protect him with proper Child Restraint System (CRS).


Disclaimer: This post is in association with Chevrolet to spread awareness regarding child safety while driving.



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