Punjabi Baingan Bharta | Mashed Aubergines/ Eggplant

Thinking about my childhood punjabi baingan bharta comes straight to the forefront. Baingan at it’s best. The smell of roasted Baingan itself built my appetite.


My mother made this very often and simple accompaniment such as Bondi Raita, papad, achar would bring such flavors. Frankly I think you need a Punjabi pallet to enjoy it’s actual taste.


Here I have given a detailed step by step procedure to make baingan ka bharta. Hope you can easily make it. It’s quick easy and simply delicious.

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Ingredients :

500 gm roasted baingan / aubergine
2-3 cloves garlic minced(optional)
1 inch ginger pieces minced
Green chilies (as per taste)
1-2 large onions (I like them more)
1-2 large tomato chopped
Salt to taste
Kashmiri Red chili powder (to provide color)
Fresh coriander for garnish


Prepare the baingan by smearing oil all over the skin and put directly on an open flame. Keep rotating until done. It can be checked by poking a knife. If it goes in all the way without resistance it’s done.


Now put aside and let it cool. Once cooled take the skin off and let it rest.


Heat some oil and add onions and green chilies.


Cook till translucent. Add ginger and garlic.


Now cook for a few seconds and add chopped tomatoes.


Add salt and red chili powder. Then add the prepared baigan.


Mash properly and let it cook on medium high heat.


It will take 15-20min to properly get the flavour.


Enjoy with hot fulkas.


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