Sprouting Guide 101: Sprouting simplified

Sprouting refers to germinate the seed to consume either raw or cooked.

Sprouts are said to be rich in digestible energy, bio available vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins as these are necessary for a germinating plant to grow. Sprouting also increases the protein quality, crude fiber content, essential fatty acid and essential vitamins and minerals.
According to health experts and top dietitians sprouting enhances chances of weight loss with better protein quality(except stated otherwise i.e. refrain from consuming too much protein)

Sprouting 101: is your perfect guide for sprouting basics, what seeds can be sprouted and how to consume sprouts. Which seeds/ grains can you sprout easily at home?All whole legumes/ pulses/ daals like

  1. Moong daal(the most common type),
  2. Soyabean
  3. Fenugreek(methi),
  4. Chickpeas(chole),
  5. Peas(matar),
  6. Matki sprouts(small kidney bean like red beans).
  7. Lobia(pigeon eye bean)
  8. Red lobia( red pigeon eye bean)
  9. Whole masoor daal
  10. Kala chana

Sprouting Process:

Its a pretty basic process and in 2 days you will get sprouts ready(in summers). In winters however it takes time to sprout completely due to the temperature. If you are new it may take some basic prep and a few times and you will get the hang of it.

  1. Soak the daal/ legumes/beans in fresh water overnight.
  2. Now wash again and drain the water completely.
  3. Leave out side to sprout.
  4. You may need to splash it with some water if you thing the sprouts are drying out.
  5. Give them a rinse twice in a day. The third morning sprouts will be ready.
  6. In winters repeat step 4-5 for day 3-4 until sprouts appear.

Sprouting process my be simple but it has many health benefits. I also like to make sabji with add, add into poha or upma for a wholesome brekkie, make daal as I would normally do!! SO MANY OPTIONS WITH INCREASED BENEFITS.

So hoping that you wont buy sprouts from outside and enjoy fresh and clean sprouts at home.

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