Punjabi Chole Masala | Indian Vegetarian Meal Plate Ideas

Follow theyellowdaal In the heart of any Punjabi household chole Masala is a every week affair. My family can’t go beyond 10 days at the least to eat this delicious curry. So today I am sharing my family recipe for Punjabi Chole Masala. Like any household these is no set recipe to cook an authentic

Punjabi Sukhe Chole Served With Puri, Rice Or Bhature

Follow theyellowdaal Punjabi Sukhe Chole is my recent possession of recipe from my Mother In Law. This recipe is tangy, spicy and made with least effort. Serve it along with rice or Puri or Bhature. In my house hold I like to serve it in brunch as it really is such a fulfilling meal. So