Top 10 Movies For Kids On ZEE5

Entertaining kids during lockdown is the hardest. Any amount of physical activity, role play or free play isn’t just enough. And these little tots become bored very easily. Today I will be sharing my pick for Top 10 Movies for Kids on ZEE5.


Let’s begin.

  1. Chota Hatim & Seven Monsters – This story is set in a fictional Kingdom of Agrabad which is ruled by King Suryapratap. A powerful magician Vinashak appears in the Palace and asks Princess Leela (elder daughter of King Suryapratap) to marry him. When Princess Leela refuses Vinashak gets furious and magically turns Princess Leela into stone. Hatim and his team travel to the forbidden forest to defeat Vinashak. There Hatim has to defeat seven monsters with different magical powers to complete his quest.
    The seven monsters to be defeated becomes like a fun ‘ which monsters come next ‘ suspense which was quite fun to watch. Must watch if your kids are fond of monsters(not scary but just unfriendly).
  2. Bablu Dablu A mystical winter – A strange but familiar looking creature shows up and brings memories from Bramble Bear’s youth flooding back. A bunch of strangers arrive trying to hunt down that mysterious creature, leaving the forest in turmoil. Watch out for the beautiful Winterland and characters that feel so real. A simple story to watch if your kids love role play.
  3. Hero No 1 – Vir is so popular among the people in the city that everyone considers him a real hero. Mad Max is too jealous of Vir’s popularity and plans to spoil his image in the city. As always he relies on Cat Mona and Timbaktoo for the same but like every time they fail to do so. Now, Mad Max himself takes the charge but it’s beyond his ability to defeat Vir. He then sends some goons, an Impersonator Babbar but all in vain. Finally, he sends Timbaktoo in the disguise of Santa Clause but he gets caught but Vir and has to run for life. Would Vir survive? Kids will be engaged to this one till the end. The chase, the goons/bad guys are all very much like real life but just meant for kids. Must watch to teach kids how they can be a hero too.
  4. Krishna The birth – Kansa, brother of Devaki had plunged to kill every child that was born to her. But Devaki and Vasudeva were astonished when God himself had incarnated in the form of an infant and was a born as their baby. Although mystical movie kids learn a lot more when they watch and this movie does just that. Bonus there are other Krishna movies for more in the form of series your child can watch.
  5. Plan egg – Plan Egg in an environmental protection plan. Carrot Rabbit and a blue Tortoise Potato are Members of Earth Animals Protection Organization. A must watch for its quirky and funny characters. Fun characters, funnier situations and a message, perfect watch for kids.
  6. Zoo wars – Nuke is a regular city elephant with a boring desk job yearning for great space adventures. When Nuke joins forces with rogue warrior Squeeze Whistle, a fearless space squirrel, they set off on a fur-raising adventure to rescue a princess and stop an evil mouse intent on taking over the galaxy. Kids are often fascinated by the galaxy and the starts and it’s again movie for kids to watch.
  7. Fish tales – After a shark attack leads to Cleo and Puffer’s eight-legged octopus friend Ollie getting lost in the ocean, a fun-loving manta ray named Crash helps them search the sea to find their lost mate. The ocean and its animals are all the more interesting to watch for any kid.
  8. A frozen Christmas – Santa and his elves settle down to tell a charming collection of the most beloved festive tales, including The Fir Tree and The Brave Tin Soldier. Although it’s not Christmas time yet which kid can say no to Santa? It’s beautiful to look and feels will remind even you to be a kid again and believe in the spirit of Christmas.
  9. Farmtastic fun – Get ready for a Hee-haw, Moo-tastic, Baa-mazing sing and dance along in Farmtastic Fun Town! Come on down to the farm where horses, cows, chickens and pigs all love to sing fantastic songs. Perfect for little kids.
  10. Simba Junior in New York – Winner the dog is kidnapped and taken to New York City by a woman who thinks he is lost in the jungle. But thanks to Arbor, the tree, Simba jr. and the other friends manage to follow Winner’s trail. An old fashioned animated movie for kids but truly a memorable character Simba makes kids engaged all the time.
    These were my top 10 picks. Visit ZEE5 Kids for more kids movies.

Leave in comments which one your kid loved the most.


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