Top 7 self care tips during lockdown

Stuck at home with nothing to do..err apart from housework, cooking, cleaning again🤭 and that too on repeat.

Here’s my top 7 self care tips during lockdown


Eat right – It’s literally the best time to eat clean and eat well. Simple eating, clean eating are coming back in fashion. More and more people not only in India but world wide are turning vegetarians. It’s good for us as well as the planet.

Sleep On Time – Plenty of time in the day for Netflix, chatting, video call or anything that you may lovry. Just sleep on time. Reset your cycle. Have a good night sleep. It will give literally change your life.

Meditate Please – So this time at home had made our life’s stressful. The lockdown has forced us to be at home 24X7 with all family members. Routine has gone out of the window. As much as family time is important, me time is equally important. Waking up early and spending 15 mins meditating will give you the much needed calm. If you don’t know how to meditate there are plenty of YouTube videos to help. If you have trouble concentrating just start by simply closing your eyes for 2 min(keep track with phone stop watch) and practice deep breathing. And afterwards just enjoy the nature, sky, clouds and fresh morning sun.

Skin care – With lockdown the pollution levels are down and we can go out so even our skin is getting a break. Use this time to nourish your skin, give makeup free time to your skin to breathe, indulge in natural ways to improve skin. Meaning less products from a bottle more items from kitchen.

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Hair Care – Just like our skin our hair needs some time of chemical treatment/ hair products. Nourish them, love them. For me overnight oiling works best. It’s the perfect conditioner. Use an egg or curd on your hair every 7 days and see how your hair shine and bounce.

Excercise – To all those who complain of not having enough time to workout now is the time to start one (which is not just walking). Honestly walking maybe good for health but it does not really do much to your body. Find a workout routine on YouTube and start working. I love workout videos from Lucy Wyndham-read . They are short, you don’t need any specific equipment and she also has videos for target areas.

Learn Life Skills – Judging by the world history this epidemic is not the last. Better be prepared for life. Learn cooking, cleaning, laundry, organizing, reading, gardening, baking or anything that you have been struggling with. Point being – we are too much dependent on others for things which we all should know how to do.

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These were few things which I wanted to share.

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