Tummy Time For Babies – When And How

Tummy time for babies – All that you need to know🀱🀱


Why tummy time for babies?

β­•Tummy time is great for a new borns neck, shoulder and hand muscles. They will need these muscles further for rolling, sitting and eventually getting up to walk.
β­•Apart form this it’s also great way of relieving gas.
β­•Tummy time gives them a new dimension to look around.
β­•It’s an awesome time for older siblings to engage with the new borns for play time.
β­• Tummy time can also help prevent flat spots on the babies back of the head.
β­•Tummy time also encourages your little one to practice reaching and pivoting, skills that are often helpful in crawling.

How soon can I start tummy time for babies?

β­• As soon as you are back from the hospital you can start tummy time.
β­• Start with two to three minutes at a time and then as they grow up gradually increase from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to 20 minutes to at least 30 minutes in a day.
β­• Tummy time should be ideally done after 30 minutes of feeding babies. If you are interested in buying breast pump, check out this ultimate breast pumps guide for Indian mothers

β­• If they spit up a lot during Tummy time wait for at least 1 hour after feeding.
β­• Mornings are better for tummy time as babies are fresh and alert after a good night sleep. Also did you know the possible benefits of Co-Sleeping for babies.

How to do tummy time for babies?

β­•Just lay your baby on their tummy with hand in front(not on sides).
β­•Make sure to have lots of toys for them to engage.
β­•Do not leave your baby unattended during Tummy time.
β­•Initially few week old baby can barely lift there head and eventually they will work up the muscles as they grow.
β­•3 month old baby can hold his head steadily during Tummy time.
β­•By 4 months they would be able to use their hand and neck and shoulder to pull themself up for a mini push-up.
β­•Between 5-6 months they will roll back from tummy to back. For some kids even from back to tummy.
So keep practicing tummy time as much as you can. Remember these are just rough guidelines for month wise update, each baby is different so don’t be alarmed if your baby is taking a bit longer to lift head or use hand and shoulder muscles.

What to do if my baby does not like tummy time-


It’s perfectly normal for babies to not like tummy time. It’s natural for them to resist tummy time as it goes beyond their comfort and challenges them.

The only way out is to keep trying, keep giving your baby enough opportunity to lay on tummy, encourage them to lift their neck.

Get down on your tummy and come to their eye level. They will enjoy watching you and be encouraged to lift head.

Trust me once they learn this important skill they will love tummy time.

Although there are some babies who do not like tummy time and may cry inconsolably. For this find a time when they are happy, fresh playful. That’s best time for their tummy time.

If you have any more questions pls leave them in comments.

Tummy time for babies

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