Ugly Post delivery stuff that no one talks about

Thinking about child birth and how would I feel when my baby will reach my arms was all I can imagine before delivery. Honest truth, I had no idea what to expect after I had delivered and what happens to the body or the mind.

I wish someone could have atleast warned me!

You may experience some of these issues. Some are completely forgotten im front of baby.

Post delivery


Here are 12 ugly post delivery stuff that no one talks about-

Mesh panties– Yes thats a real thing if you are wondering. Your regular panties won’t work because you bleed so much that a regular period pad wont work or you will tire yourself with changing pad every hour. Dont worry bleeding so much is normal and having mesh panties help you save the trouble to spoil your own panties. When leaving for home ask your hospital for some extra panties.

Huge diapers or pads– I like to call the huge pads diapers because they do look like one big diaper. Its a good thing they are huge because they help soak bleeding better and it actually is a relief to not get up again and again to cleanup if theres leakage. Don’t worry you will only need them for 1-2 weeks after that the bleeding usually subsides to normal period flow and eventually stops in a few weeks.

Post delivery labor pains– Yes you will still be experiencing labor pain. The kind that you felt initially till the first few centimetres. Only this time its your uterus trying to go back to its original size. Your doctor or mid wife will keep pressing your abdomen to see your progress and to check your bleeding.

Night sweats– Its common to feel night sweats as you had a major life changing experience called giving birth. The anxiety of not being pregnant anymore to taking care of baby now anything in between can trigger that. Drink lots of water, sleep and rest, eat healthy.

Fear of pooping– You may have fear pooping thinking its something you may not be able to achieve but trust me you can and you will poop, its only natural. Drink lots of water, eat fibre rich food and let it happen naturally; dont force poop.

Hemorrhoids– exactly the reason why you should not force poop because of hemorrhoids. If you had vaginal birth you already have forced a baby out of your pelvis. Let it rest and dont force anything now. However the chances are for many hemorrhoids after delivery is common. Mostly it’s nothing to worry about; consult your doc for medication if any pain or swelling in anus or while sitting. To avoid this drink lots of water, eat healthy fibre rich food and dont be constipated.

Fear of touching or ripping your stitches– After delivery it common to touch your stitches or the opposite not touch or even look at your stitches. Either Ways you cannot avoid touching them as its very important to clean your stitches either in vagina area or abdomen area in case of c sec. Adhere to your docs instructions and keep the stitches area clean and dry as much as possible.

Mood swings– Delivering baby is a huge change in our body and the hormones does afect us and first sign of it is mood swings. Dont ignore them, relax, talk to someone, take help if needed, bond with your husband and baby.

Swelling– Your body may still retain some swelling and may take upto six months to return back to normal.

Still looking pregnant– You can look 6 months pregnant even after delivery and that can be quite annoying. Dont worry pretty soon that will change and you will look like your normal self. Its most important to feel like yourself from within.

Post parum depression– the most difficult to handle is the depression. For any reason or not whatsoever any of us are disposed to getting depressed right after giving birth. Please if you suspect anything get HELP!

Fear of getting intimate with your partner– You have had a life changing experience but don’t forget your partner had thay experience too. The fear of how your body may lool like, how it may feel once to try to have sex after delivery can be no less than a trauma. Talk to your partner, make sure you have healed properly and have a go ahead from your doc, take your time no need to rush into having sex if you are not prepared for it, make sure to not over think.

Post delivery

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