Mumbai Style Veg Club Sandwich

This Mumbai Style Veg Club Sandwich is probably seen at almost any local fast food joint on our local streets.

Thinking that I could replicate the same give me immense pleasure. My husband is a fan of homemade food and as he likes to put in his word ” I make a mean club”.


So without getting into any further self appreciation let me introduce you to this basic club sandwich. Of course like any recipe it can have a lot of variations  . I have used things that are easily available at hand in our pantry.

Directions to make Mumbai Style Veg Club Sandwich-


1 onion slices in thin rings
1 cucumber peeled and slices finely
1 beetroot boiled and thinly slices
2 cups boil potato grated
Mixed bell pepper
White Bread slices
Coriander chutney
Tomato sauce(ketchup)
Extra virgin olive oil
Sandwich Masala or Chaat Masala



Spread green chutney, tomato sauce & butter on each slice.

Now place onions, cucumbers and potatoes on the buttered slice. Bell pepper, potatoes & beetroot on green chutney slice. Put some sandwhich masala on each slice.

Here the potato will act as a glue for closing the sandwich.
Now put green chuney slice over the buttered slice and finally the tomato sauce slice on top and press slightly.

Now take a grilled pan or tawa and roast on both sides until nice and crisp. I have used extra virgin olive oil on both sides. Flavored butter can also be used for more taste.

Slice in quarters.

Learn to make awesome Coriander chutney with 5 Variations. Recipe here.

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