How to make Vegetable Daliya In 2 tbsp oil

I have been inspired to eat healthy in this new year and that’s to my super recipe “how to make Daliya in 2tbsp oil” has been my saviour.

The recipe is not only easy but so quick. It gives you the goodness of daliya and you can use any amount or any variety of veggies really; it’s up to you.

Speaking of healthy do try my besan ka chilla or instant Dhokla recipe which are also my favourite when it comes to eating a wholesome breakfast!

Three combination of veggies that I use the most-

  1. Different coloured bell peppers, carrots, onions, French beans.
  2. Coriander, French beans, mint, peas(all green veggies possibly).
  3. Onions and potatoes.

The recipe in video uses the first set of veggies.

Use a fork to fluff daliya after its cooked. Roasting of daliya adds flavor so don’t miss that step, if you can roast on a low flame.

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