Vegetable Manchurian & Fried Rice (Secret to street style Indian Chinese)

Ever wondered how the street style Chinese food you can make at home. The vegetable Manchurian & fried rice that we all love so much you can make easily at home minus the extra oil or unhealthy extra ingredients with my secret tips.

Indian Chinese cusine has become so popular in the past decade, housewives take Sunday off to eat Chinese, kids easily eat Chinese if nothing else! I mean the craze is just off the charts.

But if you are someone who loves to cook for yourself or your family at home this post needs to be saved😊 You can thank me in comments.

Tips for the perfect Chinese cooking at home-

1. You need the wok or kadhai bigger than how much you are going to be cooking because it will give you more space to cook the whole dish.

2. You need to pre pre all your veggies and ingredients before cooking.

3. Prepare the veggies as thinly sliced as possible. This makes the cook crunchy and fast cooking.

4. The wok or kadhai should’ve super hot before starting. (Very important, otherwise you will end up steaming your veggies than flash frying them).

5. Use good quality sauces they will prove to give better taste in the final dish.

6. For making fried rice the rice should be pre cooked and cooled in advance for amazing texture.

7. For cooking noodles simply boil the noodles and put 1-2 tbsp oil all over to avoid sticking together.

Hope these tips are useful for you.

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