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Vegetable Sweet Corn Egg Drop Soup

Gloomy monsoon/winter weather calls for something warm and comforting. And as I am writing this in monsoon, sweet corn is pretty much everywhere.

How can I not make vegetable sweet corn soup.

The bright yellow color of the soup is so appetizing and instantly lifts my moods. It’s filling enough to consume in dinner.

Most of the restaurants I have been to had horrible sweet corn soup as I think they don’t use any stock for their soup. It’s so important to use stock to give base and flavor in a soup. Boiling sweet corn in water and drinking it is not sweet corn soup. Hence; at home I make my soup!!!

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So what soup do you prefer in this weather.

Here’s how I make Sweet Corn Vegetable Egg Drop soup-

Makes 4 servings.


1 whole sweet corn

4-5 cups vegetable stock(or chicken stock for chicken version)

Salt & pepper as per taste

1 egg whisked(optional)

2-3 tsp corn flour powder in half cup water


Peel the sweet corn, give it a quick wash.

Now with a knife scrape the corn kernels.

Blend them in a mixer grinder. It’s ok if you have some big/small pieces of corn.

In a pressure cooker add stock and blended sweet corn. Pressure cook for 1 whisle and another 3-5 mins on slow flame.

** If you don’t have stock ready then just saute some veggies(carrot, capsicum, french beans) onions and garlic and then add water plus the corn. Do checkout the vegetable stock recipe above.

This is the basic prep done.

Now after the pressure is released and you are ready to serve add salt & freshly crushed black pepper.

Now once again switch on the flame. Once it comes to a rapid boil add the corn flour and water mixture.

Now pour whisked egg in one hand and keep stirrung with a spatula in another hand. Immediately you will see strings of cooked egg.

Serve warm.


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