What To Expect In Normal Delivery

What to expect in a normal delivery – one question I had when I had my 1st baby. And a lot of new moms have this question. Any kind of child birth can be intimidating, especially the very first one or the second one’s too. Because no two deliveries are same. Babies come out at different pace. If you have multiple babies you know that.

I am sharing my experience/ process for anyone it can help. In no way it can be same for you but will give you a general idea of what to expect in delivery

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So let me break it down for you.

  1. Assuming your water is broken you need to speak to your OBGYN and she will guide you. Breaking of water does not automatically says you will be in painful labor but it says that the process is started.
  2. If your water does not break on it’s own and you are up to a week past your due date your doctor may ask you to induce labor. It’s very normal and safe as long as your doctor is qualified to do it in a hospital setting.
  3. So in both these cases you reach hospital, do the formalities and settle in your room.
  4. Your doctor will perform a vaginal test by inserting a finger in your cervix to assess how many centimeter you are. In early few hours you will be up to 2-3 cm. And it can be 2-3 cm for hours so settle in, be comfortable and chill.
  5. Your doctor will also monitor baby’s heartbeat with a device and that will tell them if the baby is ok or not.
  6. In the meanwhile you are not allowed to eat anything just in case they need to perform a C sec. But you can have lots of fluids.
  7. Don’t try to eat anything really because you might puke it all out the moment you get a strong contraction.
  8. The contractions are far apart in the beginning and quite subtle. And up to 5-6 cm they are still bearable.
  9. Once you reach 5-6 cm your doctor will move you to active labor room if not already done.
  10. Things will progress really fast from here.
  11. As soon as you reach 9-10 cm your doc will ask you to push.
  12. Remember while pushing you need to push but not shout. Conserve your energy, use stength but not shout.
  13. As soon as the baby will be out your doc will wait for a minitue to cut the cord. And after this the baby is cleans a bit and placed it directly on mothers chest to breastfeed and skin to skin.
  14. You can breath a little but in a few mintitues you will need to push again one last time to extract the placenta.
  15. Once placenta is removed thats when you start bleeding.
  16. After a few stiches only if you need it doc is done.
  17. Now a nurse will help you clean and sanitize, change or help you pee.
  18. Its very important to pee at this stage because it shows that all is well within organ function.
  19. You can move back to your room once you have peed.
  20. And eat something, get rest, hydrate and breastfeed. Forget the world.

In any normal delivery mostly you are on the recovery road in 10-14 days.

This was my experience and what I went through in 2 normal deliveries. Have any questions drop them in comments, have any suggestions lets discuss!!

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