Why is Complan drink a good choice for kids’ growth #63PercentMoreProtein

Mothers are so very concerned about everything to do with their children. Only responsibilities change at different stages, whereas a mom’s concern for her child’s growth and development stays the same, maybe increases at certain points. My kids love food but get bored easily with the same menu. So, to maintain their interest, I have to keep searching for different food items and nutrition drinks that can be a part of their diet every day. Having said that, mothers are also keen to keep alive their kitchen legacies and at my home that includes making Arhar ki dal every alternate day and adding Complan drink to their milk daily for overall growth and development.

Kids are super active and are always on the run. They just can’t be stable for 5 mins doing the same activity. As quickly they switch their activities, they want moms to prepare food. Though I always try to ask them for their preference for the day, most of the time I hear the same reply ‘Kuch achcha bana do’ When I cook something, they fuss over it. Because of this, their nutrition intake suffers.

Kids need variety in food and mom knows her job

With a full-time job, handling home, kids with their studies and food tantrums, my schedule is not easy. But I never want to compromise on my kids’ growth and development. I try to add nutrition to their daily diet in different forms like serving –

  1. Home-cooked food
  2. Fresh fruit juices whenever possible else fresh fruits to eat
  3. Sprouts salad
  4. Replacing white flour with whole wheat like in noodles, pasta, etc
  5. Complan to kids’ glass of milk

Why I chose Complan drink for my kids’

Complan drink supports my kids’ growth and it gives me the confidence that their nutrition intake is taken care of along with other essential nutrients from food. Complan was always my first choice as I was also a Complan girl in my growing years and I loved its taste with milk. When I introduced Complan to my kids, they liked its flavour and the fuss around milk at my home finally stopped.

As a kid, I enjoyed the Complan drink but as a mother, I wanted to be sure about how it is adding nutrition to my kids’ diet. I found that Complan drink has 34 essential nutrients including 100% milk protein and it has 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks.

I was happy to know that Complan drink is clinically proven to support 2x faster growth and supports memory and concentration. I know that milk alone or a Complan drink will not complete the nutrition intake of my kids’ but it is a nutritional addition to their daily diet which they love to consume.

YouTube is my companion

Earlier my mom and mom-in-law would discuss kid’s healthy recipes with me to keep kids happy and full. But now, I enjoy watching YouTube recipes. Aren’t they easy to make and make you a cool mom? Well, I enjoy watching them and trying delicious recipes at home. Leave alone kids, I also enjoy eating them together with my kids. Interestingly, from YouTube, I found innovative ways to add the Complan drink to milk.

Whenever I am short of time, I save quick videos and try them out on weekends so that kids approve of the chosen recipes. This is how we love the milk recipes that add taste and nutrition to my kids’ growth and development.

What is your secret to your child’s growth?

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