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How To Make Pita Bread From Scratch

Pita bread is a middle eastern flat bread just like an Indian roti/flat bread. Pita bread is a typical flat bread that has pocket inside which is then filled with delicious filling or used as a wrap.

Course brunch, dinner, lunch
Cuisine American, Indian, lebanese
Keyword homemade pita bread, pita bread, pita read from scratch
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 4
Author Avin Kohli


  • 3 cups All purpose flour (maida + extra flour for dusting)
  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 cup water + more for kneading
  • 3 tbsp oil + more as needed


  1. In a large bowl add 3 cups flour, salt and mix.
  2. In a sauce pan add 1 cup water and heat till warm(not hot). If you have a thermometer heat till water is 110°C.
  3. Once warm add yeast and sugar. Mix and leave it for 10 mins.
  4. After 10 mins the yeast will froth up.
  5. Add to the flour and salt mix.
  6. Either use a processor or by hand start knead the dough.
  7. Gradually add the 3 tbsp oil little by little.
  8. If needed add more water but be warned not to add too much otherwise the dough will be sticky.
  9. Once the dough is kneaded cover with a wet kitchen towel and keep it aside for 90 mins.
  10. The dough would have doubled from the yeast. Punch it down and give it a quick knead.
  11. Divide the dough in small balls to make the pita bread. Keep them covered with the same wet cloth and leave for 20 mins.
  12. Use little dry flour to dust your surface and rolling pin.
  13. Roll each ball in a flat bread.
  14. Place it on a medium hot tawa/skillet.
  15. Now once you see some bubbles flip it.
  16. Wait for it to fluff up and create an air pocket.
  17. If it doesn't fluff flip it again and wait.
  18. Or if you see the bread fluffing up from one side you can give it a nudge and it will fluff up.
  19. Mostly the trick is to use medium high heat and leave it alone.
  20. Enjoy!