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Caramel Coffee Bread Pudding | 6 Ingredients Easy Bread Pudding With Step By Step Pictorial Recipe

My first post in this new year. First things first…a very Happy New Year to all. Coming this new year I feel very positive and motivated for the good. So the when the party and the long weekend blues settle in, the welcoming new year dish had to be sweet.

This sweet sticky caramel coffee bread pudding is good for people like me who want quick fix for something sweet. Also it may impress your family and friends as it looks glossy and rich on top. Inside is soft and goey centre. Divine!!!

Best part till the time your oven preheats it’s ready. Takes very less time to assemble and even less to finish?

The addition of coffee is optional. You can skip it and still it tastes good. Pair it to with a scoop of ice cream or some fresh fruits would be a great addition to overall desert.

And it hardly takes any time to set up and bake;or you could steam it too.

Directions to make caramel coffee bread pudding-


3 bread slices
150ml fresh milk(full fat milk preferred)
3/4 cup sugar + 3tbsp for caramel(can use more or less as per taste)
2 tsp coffee (mixed in 1/4 cup warm water)
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla essence


Preheat the oven at 180°C for 15 min.

Leaving 3 tbsp sugar blend all the other ingredients in blender until combined.

Now add rest of the sugar in your baking tin and straight on gastop. We need to caremalize this.

Above are the pics as it’s caremalising. Don’t take it too far as it will cook further and caramelize more. It can turn bitter so be careful.

Now pour the blended mixture gently in the tin.

Bake for 30 min.

Initially it will be puffed up. Give it 5min to rest and it will settle down.

Now transfer it to your serving plate.

*tip- don’t leave it in the tin as the caramel will stick and it will not come out. You have to take it out when it’s still warm.

**tip- directly flip on your serving plate as its difficult to move once flipped.

You can either serve it warm or cool it, refrigerate it and serve.


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