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Two Ingredient Chocolate Buttercream | Icing For Cakes, Fillings Or Frosting

A cup cake with a chocolate icing makes everything better.

This two ingredient chocolate buttercream icing is so easy to make that even a beginner can get it right.

You don’t need any pre knowledge of baking or icing to get perfect buttercream.

Just mix and whip is the magic formula.

It goes well with chocolate cake, orange cake or maybe a carrot cake too.

Made chocolate cupcakes for a bday party  and iced with this buttercream and trust me it was finger licking good. This? pic is not that good as I was in a hurry but the taste was really good

The icing is thick, fluffyaand holds shape very well. I mean really can it get better than this?

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Directions to make 2 ingredient chocolate buttercream icing-


100 gm compound chocolate or chocolate chips

100 gm butter(I have used amul butter)


In a saucepan dump your chocolate and butter.

Now on a low heat melt the two together.

Once melted leave it to cool and then keep in fridge until its solid.

Now take it out from fridge and leave it on the counter until little soft.

Now if you can directly whip it into the same pan start whipping or transfer to another bowl.

Whip for about 2-3 min and your butter cream is ready.

Things to note-

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