Homemade Pizza from scratch

This recipe in particular is my favourite these days. Having a slice with tomato soup….delish. It’s been adapted from Jamie Oliver’s show #justjamie . Amazing show and amazing recipe.

Who doesn’t like pizza with loads of veggies & cheese. It gives me great joy when I can make something like this from scrach as we pay a bomb to get it from famous outlets. Also I know what’s going in there so that’s another thing.

Directions to make Homemade Pizza From Scratch-


3 cups all purpose flour/maida
1&1/4 tsp instant yeast
1&1/2tsp salt
1&1/2tsp sugar
2tbsp oil
Warm water for kneading
1 cup veggies of your choice (I have used onion, capsicum, bell peppers and tomatos)
2 tsp semolina
3tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup per pizza homemade pizza pasta sauce
1 cup pizza cheese


For the dough

Add all the ingredients in food processor and start combining with little water at a time. Blitz till it all comes together in a form of dough. You can also do this by using a wooden spoon and then knead by hand.

Now get the dough in a floured surface and start kneading. If the dough is sticky use oil or some flour to adjust. Don’t be tempted to add too much.

Now leave it for proofing covered with a damp cloth in a warm place. After 1hour it should have been doubled.

Prepare your baking dish. It should be anything with a flat surface. Rub generously with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle semolina. Preheat the oven to 190°C for 15 mins.

Now punch the dough down. Knead for 1 minute and divide it in 3 balls. Now flaten the ball in your hand. Place it in the middle of your baking dish. Press down evenly but keeping it thin as the dough will rise. Spread sauce & veggies and give a good sprinkling of cheese.

Bake for 20-25 min until the pizza leave sides and has golden brown crust.


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