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Are Cloth Masks Really Effective, Proper Hygiene For Using Masks

Wearing a mask has become the need of the hour. In this time many companies has cropped up selling cloth masks. But have you wondered are cloth masks really effect?

What kind of mask do we need-

As a general population who are not in direct contact with any infected Covid19 positive person don’t necessarily need the N95 masks or surgical mask.

A regular cloth mask is what you would want to cover your face with. Ideally both your mouth and nose should be covered.

Why should you wear a mask-

Wearing a mask is important to stop the virus from spreading to other people in your contact. How? The mask mostly protects other people from any infected droplets from you. Plus it’s a great reminder to not touch your face (eyes and nose) when wearing a mask.

Can I use cloth mask made at home with old clothes-

Yes and No.

Yes because they are a cheap alternative to what most companies are selling.

No because a single layer of worn off cloth is not likely very effective in protecting you from air droplets.

Can I wash cloth mask and reuse-

Yes you can reuse.

How to know it’s time to replace mask with a new mask-

A simple test to check if your mask if effective or not is if you wear a mask and blow a candle through it; and if you are able to blow the candle the mask is not of much use. If not then your mask works fine.

The basic idea behind this test is that when your sneeze of blow your nose the mask should be able to stop those inflected particles before they reach someone else.

Because any infected droplets need a human host to survive.

Points to remember before buying a cloth mask-

Cloth mask should have several layers in order to protect from virus.

Fabric type should be easy to wash and tightly woven.

Fitting of the mask is important. Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth generously and fit not too tight or loose as well.

Consider ths authenticity of the brand selling masks. Focus should be on protection not making a fashion statement!

Whats the general hygiene while removing mask-

Once you are done with the mask carefully remove the mask.

Do not touch the outward side of mask. Fold it and keep aside to wash.

Don’t touch your face after removing mask.

Properly wash your hands and then your face.

It’s very important to stay at home, move out only when you need to. When stepping out wear a mask for protection. Keep a hand sanitizer bottle handy. Be safe and stay strong!

The opinions, ideas, views expressed in this article is solely my experience based in hope to help my readers. Kindly excercise caution and self judgment.

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