Chicken Stock Cubes | How To Make Chicken Stock

A perfect chicken stock is a combination of base flavors that gives a body and boost the overall taste of any dish.

Its so obvious of you use stock in biryani’s or stews or gravies it gonna taste just divine. But my main purpose of these chicken stock cubes is to use them as base for my soups. Soups with mostly water taste so bland. In this particular trick I make a caramelized stock and then freeze in cubes. Then I can transfer them to a zip lock bag and use as and when required. Ain’t it easy. The chicken stock cubes can be frozen for about 6 months without any worries of spoilage. Can you see all the gorgeous fat layer on top. Thats flavor my friend!!

Now no need to sweat in kitchen making base for soups or gravies. Do it once and enjoy again and again. Try putting a stock cube or two in any dish that you like and experience magic.

Now a stock will be whatever you put in it and how you make it. I have caramelized the chicken with some veggies so that makes the stock this rich brown color. If you boil everything all together you will get a white clear broth like stock.

Directions to make chicken stock-


900 gm chicken washed and patted dry

10 pods minced garlic

1 cup carrots

1/4 cup capsicum(you can use different color variety)

1 Large Onion

Handful French beans


In a deep pan heat oil. Now add garlic and chicken. Add some salt(it helps in faster browning)

Now on a medium heat cook chicken for 10 mins until brown.

Now add onions, carrot, beans, capsicum.

Put 1 & 1/2 liter of water and boil without lid until almost half.

Add salt as per your taste.

Now using a muslin cloth on a strainer, strain the stock and let it cook.

Freeze in cubes. Use as you like.



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