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My Skin Care Secrets Because Of Which I Am In Love With Myself

Loving my body has been one of the greatest and fruitful discoveries of my life. We all have that phase where we may not love our body – literally.

Acne, more weight, body shape, big boobs, thin hair, weird feet just about anything could be the reason why you would dislike yourself and not feel worthy of being cared for!

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My greatest knowledge that I keep sharing with everyone is what you eat! A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

We have plenty of junk food to choose from but the real deal is sidelined in the name of boredom.
Imagine picking up a fruit instead of a cookie or having a salad instead of a burger. Our body processes food so much differently in both of these cases.

I have been lucky to be blessed with good skin. Most of my teenage and early 20s I have had basically no problem with my skin. But all that went away once I had babies. After 2 babies my skin is not the same and I have to constantly make an effort to keep my skin hydrated and to keep them supple. I follow my skin care routine every night!

However I also believe and take care not just of the outer skin but caring from within.

One such brand that resonates with my way of living is I AM LOVE.

I Am Love is a combination of modern science and ayurveda for your skin and body needs. If you care about your skin, health and fitness then the Iamlove range is for you.

I AM LOVE offers products under Daily Nutrition, a range of products primarily focused to bridge the nutritional gap. I AM LOVE Daily Nutrition Mixes enriched with essential micro & macro nutrients, Natural Whey Isolate and vital to ensure complete nutrition. I AM LOVE Functional Nutrition products that aim at addressing the specific imbalances in the body through exotic blends of Organic Mix. It helps You to achieve Ideal Body Requirements , functional health.

Their claims and high praises are backed with many customer feedback like mine. The products are easy to use and they naturally fit into your daily lifestyle without much hassle.

I Am Love products are absolutely vegan, not tested on animals, free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. The ingredients are purely sourced from India and reviewed by FSSAI.

They have all natural plant based nutritional products that your skin may need. I especially love their hair care and immunity boosting mix.

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So here are my skin care secrets that make me in love with my body-

Follow a CTM routine – CTM routine is nothing but a cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. I love a night time CTM routine because it calms me well for a good night’s sleep. But you could also do a morning routine. Simply choose a cleanser to cleanse your face well. Use a toner with glycolic acid and apply on your skin. After a few minutes use a moisturizer that is suitable according to your skin and allows your skin hydration and keeps it supple.

Adequate Sleep – The most underrated part of anybody’s skin care routine is sleep. A good 7-9 hours of sleep can do wonders. The trick is to sleep according to your natural sleep cycle. Meaning sleep at the same time each day, preferably between 9-11 pm and wake up early. Sleep is important as our body and skin both heals when we are sleeping. So your CTM routine will have more time to work and will be more effective.

Eat fresh food – As mentioned earlier, eat fresh, local and seasonal fruit. When you eat fresh your body processes this food better.

Apart from eating fresh you could also try boosting your immunity by having Reishi Mushroom turbo shot for your immune system everyday! Mix with water, juice or coffee or any liquid or your choice.
If you are someone who works out for good health then you must try the IAMLOVE Protect + Repair 10% whey protein Isolate.

In the end these are just suggestions that you can try. See what works best for you and how you can be the best version of yourself by changing a few things about yourself. Trust me the change is truly positive.

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