Are you planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh?

Follow theyellowdaal Get ready for a gastronomic journey through the picturesque destinations of this breathtaking Indian state. From the snow-capped peaks of Manali to the bustling streets of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh offers not only stunning natural beauty but also a diverse and vibrant food culture. In this food article, we will explore the culinary delights

Moms Who Invest In Mutual Funds- More alike than you think

Follow theyellowdaal Are you a mother? Do you invest? Mutual funds are very similar to MOMS. Reliable, planned & organized, nurture growth. Mutual funds are an easy way to start investing. You don’t need a high amount to invest and with basic research you can start your investment journey with ease. For more details, you

Beautiful Oriplast Chromium Plated Bathroom Fittings For Your Home

Follow theyellowdaal In today’s time we value more in enjoying good things and a fancy lifestyle. Part of which is our home. We work so hard to make our home beautiful, fancy and up to our standard. A beautiful home is incomplete without an equally beautiful and efficient bathroom. But often it is the most

Best Water Purifier Under Rs.15000/-

Follow theyellowdaal Water is vital for us to survive as humans but clean water is even more important.Water absorbs anything around it so it’s easier for it to be contaminated by bacteria and micro organisms and as a result you can get cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea etc. like diseases that are fatal to our body. Unfortunately

Curlvana Gentle Shine Conditioner Review: Does it Work?

Follow theyellowdaal Like fingerprints, curly hair is never the same. Different people have different kinds of curls, however, there is one thing that is common between all curl patterns and that is frizz. If you’re a curly beauty, you’d relate to how much of a problem frizz is. It is the reason why women with

Nayra India Launches Eco-Friendly Reed Diffuser For Your Home

Follow theyellowdaal Who doesn’t want a fragrant-smelling home! But with all the chemical-laden fragrances available in the market. It was always my concern that they are not good for me and my family. You can naturally create a refreshing ambiance at your home. Aroma diffusers yield a good option that is worthy of modern family

Is there Phenoxyethanol in Your Baby Products?

Follow theyellowdaal As a mom my first instinct is to protect my kid. Be if physically or emotionally. When I first became a mom I was super conscious of almost everything that I fed my baby and also what I applied on his skin. I remember when my little one was around 6 months old

beetee's dark chocolate

11 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate Everyday

Follow theyellowdaal Do you like to nibble on a piece of chocolate after your meals or just as a sweet treat here and there? Fret not!! Eating chocolate can be healthy too. Don’t believe me; read along. Chocolate is made from Tropical Theobroma cacao tree seed. If you were to look at this seed of

Digital PR World: Budget Brand Launch Agency in India with 15+ Digital Services

Follow theyellowdaal Want to make your brand stronger on a digital platform? Then you finally land at the right place where you grow and attain your business objectives. There’s no surefire formula for instant success. Just an organized and innovative marketing approach brings you the best result in an effective method. Across the world businesses

Newly Launched PUER HOMECARE Is Quickly Claiming A Spot In My Home

Follow theyellowdaal Have you ever wondered about all the harmful chemicals present in most home cleaning products available in market? In the recent years there has been a clear shift in terms of consumers opting for natural, non-toxic cleaning products for their own safety, and to also help the environment. Having two babies, one of


Follow theyellowdaal I am in a meeting…Don’t make noise…I can’t play with you… These have been few of the common phrases said to kids ever since the pandemic started. During the prolonged confinement when kids were away from their friends, seldom were times when our little ones got a chance to express themselves in an

Top 5 baby wipes brands in India, Real Mom’s Review

Follow theyellowdaal When it comes to our babies us moms leaves no stones unturned to give the best to them. During my first pregnancy, I was so young and naive. I had no idea about the baby products I need or the baby brands to trust or even the basics of shopping for a baby.

My Skin Care Secrets Because Of Which I Am In Love With Myself

Follow theyellowdaal Loving my body has been one of the greatest and fruitful discoveries of my life. We all have that phase where we may not love our body – literally. Acne, more weight, body shape, big boobs, thin hair, weird feet just about anything could be the reason why you would dislike yourself and

My Top 5 Places to buy rakhi online

Follow theyellowdaal Its that time of the year when the love of brother and sister is celebrated. Rakshabandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. On this day a brother swears to protect their sister from anything and everything. Its the time to buy rakhi and what best to

Ways You Can Celebrate This Rakshabandhan Unconventionally!

Follow theyellowdaal Rakshabandhan is perhaps the most anticipated celebrations in India. The festival that celebrates the bond between siblings has been long associated with brothers protecting their sisters. While growing up, we all believed that our brothers were supposed to don the role of a saviour for his sister. However, over the years, we have

Nickelodeon’s New Show ‘The Casagrandes’ Review

Follow theyellowdaal In the age of digitization kids are relying more and more on online ways to entertain themselves at home. Gone are the days when there were limited shows to choose from each age category! If you have a kid around 3+ chances are you’ve heard of the popular channel Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is the

My Review of Tv Series Churail, A First On ZEE5

Follow theyellowdaal About the Churail Storyline Churail is the first Pakistani drama that has been especially commissioned by an Indian streaming platform, ZEE5. ZEE5 brings it to its platform under its popular Zindagi brand. Created by Pakistani-British writer-director Asim Abbasi, Churails is an unapologetic, irreverent, unabashed tale of a bunch of feisty women vigilantes who


Enjoy All In One Alt Balaji & Zindagi Shows With The New ZEE5 Club Pack

Follow theyellowdaal Every increasing demand of the content on OTT platforms have urged for a lot of changes. Many people have started watching more and more online shows and movies instead of going to the usual route of a regular dish connection.ZEE5 has upped there game and brought you a killer combo. Now with there

Vidyut Jamwal Starrer Yaara Movie, Saga About Friendship, Family, Values, Honour & Trust On ZEE5

Follow theyellowdaal OTT platforms are increasingly getting popular. The audience base is increasing and the need for better content too. Pandemic has forced us to stay at home but the talent and good movies we are able to watch has never been better. The other day I was browsing on ZEE5 and I came across

47 Days – New Movie On ZEE5

Follow theyellowdaal Every since lockdown and now unlock down my appetite for good quality content online has increased. I like to watch quality content which challenges me and my limits as a viewer, entertain me and brings amazing performance. I feel we have more and more people looking for good content which reeks talent and

How Lockdown Made My family Share The Load

Follow theyellowdaal Lockdown has been tough for me. Covid19 is a scary monster. I never would have imagined we would have to close down an entire country to combat an epidemic. Having a 5 month old baby boy, a 6 year old super active son and a husband at home 24/7 was not what I

Top 10 Movies For Kids On ZEE5

Follow theyellowdaal Entertaining kids during lockdown is the hardest. Any amount of physical activity, role play or free play isn’t just enough. And these little tots become bored very easily. Today I will be sharing my pick for Top 10 Movies for Kids on ZEE5. Let’s begin. Chota Hatim & Seven Monsters – This story

It happened In Calcutta – New Web Series On ZEE5

It’s a love saga between the two lead characters Ronobir and Kusum played by Karan Kundra and Naghma Rizwan directed by Ken Gosh set up in Calcutta in the 1960s. The female character Kusum who aspires to be the first femal doctor in the city takes admission in the Calcutta medical College; where she meets the handsom yet very arrogant and cocky Ronobir. As the series move forward so does the romance between them. And what happens there after. Tune in to and watch now!

All About Xplorabox for kids aged 2years to 8+ years

Follow theyellowdaal Xplorabox is a monthy subscripbtion activity box for kids with many skills enhancing activities which help to develop motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills of your child. Once you buy a box you will receive a theme based activity box with some crafts activities, projects, games, diys and puzzles. Xplorabox team was

Johnsons Baby Range- New Launch

Follow theyellowdaal If you are following me on social media you must know I went for an event where Johnsons launched their new range of products for babies. This was a worldwide launch. This was Johnsons 125th year and to mark the celebration they launched their new range of products which will soon be available

Cold Coffee Made With Sviten Natural Sweetener

Follow theyellowdaal Its burning up everywhere, all are desperately waiting for rains. While doing so sipping a chilled glass of cold coffee really would be amazing. I made some last weekend with Beetroot & Paneer Croquettes and it was so refreshing than the usual chai/tea. The other nice thing about cold coffee was that I made

Protect Your Precious- Child Safety In Association with CHEVROLET

Follow theyellowdaal As a parent, one of the most important job is to keep your child safe. Being a mother of a naughty 3 year old I know how difficult it is to keep my child seated in the back while driving. As soon as he tries to come out of the belt and tries to