15 Indian Sweet recipes for diwali 2020

Follow theyellowdaal Diwali is here and the dessert is every where. Indian sweet recipes that are a must try this diwali 2020. Diwali is incomplete without the mention of sweets and ladoos. And there is something special about homemade mithai. Be it the besan ke ladoo or mohanthal or gulab jamun. These recipes remind us

15+ Indian Vegetarian Curry Recipes, Diwali Cooking

Follow theyellowdaal Diwali is always a special time of the year, ask any Indian. The festival of light, feeling of goodness, friends and family coming together to celebrate. It basically sets the tone for the next few weeks until new year! And one more important factor is the food. Every home has food that’s specific


15 Eggless Tea Cake Recipes

Are you interested in baking but don’t know where to start. Here are 15 Eggless Tea Cake Recipes that are tried and tested. Perfect to try to bake by beginner. I am sure you will find an Eggless cake recipes that you will love.

20+ Indian Paneer Recipe Ideas

This post has 20+ Indian Paneer gravy recipes to try. Some are classic like paneer butter masala and paneer do pyaza, some are a must try like paneer lababdar and some not so heard recipes like paneer niramish and panner Ande ki gravy. Must try paneer indian recipe ideas.

Collection Of 21 Best Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Follow theyellowdaal Contributed by my fellow bloggers and myself presenting a Collection of best vegetarian soup Recipes from around the world. I want this to be your one stop where you can find soup recipes all at one place. We have healthy souls, recipes for all seasons and a vast variety of ingredients. If you

Collection Of 15 Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

Follow theyellowdaal Indian chicken curry recipes collection, party curry recipes, non vegetarian gravy recipes, best collection.   1. Chicken Changezi– One of the gems of mughlai cusine this recipen is definitely a keeper. Chicken pieces first baked and then dunked in lucious red gravy. 2. Dahi Chicken– Chicken made in yogurt gravy with whole spices

Mango Drinks Recipe Roundup

Follow theyellowdaal Summers are here people and so are the mangoes. Its time to not just devour mangoes by plain eating but drinking them too. My Mango Drinks Recipe Roundup is sure to make you try some of them. Some recipes are from the blog and some have been contributed by talented bloggers and my

Baisakhi Main Course Recipe Collection

Follow theyellowdaal Vaisakhi or Baisakhi is a religious festival in Sikhism celebrated on the 13th or 14th of April every year as per the Nanakshahi Calender. Baisakhi is observed as a thanksgiving by the farmers to WAHEGURU for the rabi crop harvest for the season; and for even more flavorful season ahead. Like any other

4 Easy Breakfast Chila / Pancake Recipes for Busy Mums

Follow theyellowdaal A compilation of 4 Easy Breakfast Chila / Pancake Recipes for Busy Mums We all are busy in our lives so much that the first and most important meal if the day; breakfast is often skipped or not fulfilled. Here I give you 4 such recipes that are not only easy but varies

​5 Awesome Drinks For This Summer

Follow theyellowdaal There awesome drinks makes life so much better. Lets switch to these refeshing drinks to quench your thirst this summer. Click on the link for each drink for recipe. Mango Masala Delight➡ http://theyellowdaal.com/drinksshakessmoothies/mango-masala-delight/ <br /><br /> Lemon Mint Mojito➡ http://theyellowdaal.com/drinksshakessmoothies/fresh-mint-lemon-mojito-limonana/ <br /><br /> Strawberry Mint Club Soda➡ http://theyellowdaal.com/drinksshakessmoothies/fresh-strawberry-mint-club-soda/ <br /><br /> Pineapple Slushy➡

​7 Salad Recipes To Beat The Heat This Summer

Follow theyellowdaal While temperature is rising in most parts these salads make a light meal or a mid meal snack to keep you full without putting in too much effort to cook. Try them now!! GRILLED PANEER SALAD WITH ORANGE VINAIGRETTE- http://theyellowdaal.com/salad/grilled-paneer-salad-orange-vinaigrette/ VEG SALAD IN CREAMY VINAIGRETTE DRESSING- http://theyellowdaal.com/salad/veg-salad-in-creamy-vinaigrette-dressing/ THAI SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN SALAD- http://theyellowdaal.com/30min-recipes/thai-sweet-chilli-chicken-salad/