Is there Phenoxyethanol in Your Baby Products?

Follow theyellowdaal As a mom my first instinct is to protect my kid. Be if physically or emotionally. When I first became a mom I was super conscious of almost everything that I fed my baby and also what I applied on his skin. I remember when my little one was around 6 months old

12 Things To Expect After Giving Birth,The first 6 weeks

Follow theyellowdaal A lot of things are happening to your body during child birth. But it does not stop there. After child birth a women is still experiencing major changes. It can be physical, emotional or both. Your body had to work hard to keep the baby safe and healthy inside and now that the

5 early signs of labour

Follow theyellowdaal The early signs of labour can be something that can be easily missed as the symptoms are quite common to be ignored. But if you know what you are looking for then you can easily pick up the signs of early labour. The start of the labour is the latent phase when your

Ugly Post delivery stuff that no one talks about

Follow theyellowdaal Thinking about child birth and how would I feel when my baby will reach my arms was all I can imagine before delivery. Honest truth, I had no idea what to expect after I had delivered and what happens to the body or the mind. I wish someone could have atleast warned me!

What Does Labor Pain Actually Feels Like Tells Mom Of 2

Follow theyellowdaal The most dreadful question I had when I was pregnant was what does labor pain actually feel like. Turns out I never got a real answer. Yes I read tons of articles which gave me an idea about what labour pain feels like but I feel like it didn’t do justice to the

Must Know Postpartum Recovery Facts For New Moms

Follow theyellowdaal As beautiful is the phase of pregnancy, postpartum can be hard(for most anyway). And not only first time moms but second time moms too. We prepare so much for our baby that’s to come but do we prepare ourself enough? I feel its all good if you are more informed and more prepared

My True Missed Miscarriage Story, What not to do if you miscarry?

Follow theyellowdaal Not long ago I suffered a miscarriage. Since it was my second pregnancy I got to know early this time around that I was pregnant because I could almost sense it but I had to wait for a time frame to check even with the home pregnancy kit. Anyways the test was positive