12 Things To Expect After Giving Birth,The first 6 weeks

A lot of things are happening to your body during child birth. But it does not stop there. After child birth a women is still experiencing major changes. It can be physical, emotional or both.

Your body had to work hard to keep the baby safe and healthy inside and now that the baby is born it need to go back to its original state and that will require some changes; again!

Things To Expect After Giving Birth

Most changes in body or any discomforts are normal and likely temporary and as you settle in your new role of a mother and time passes your body heals and feels better.

But some changes may be a bit more permanent or could take more than 6 weeks to be better.

Lets see 12 things to expect after giving birth-

  1. Vaginal Discharge- After you give birth your body gets rid of any blood or tissue that was in your uterus. This is called vaginal discharge or lochia. For the first few days you will bleed as if you are having a very heavy period. And gradually the bleeding/discharge will slow down. It can take a few weeks so stock up on your pad and change pad as per your discharge flow.
  2. Milk Coming- Milk coming simply means that your breast is full of milk to support breast feeding. Before that your breasts will produce colostrum, initial milk that will be enough to feed your baby for the first few days. If you are worried for low milk supply feed your baby from day 1 even if your milk has not come yet.
  3. Breast Engorgement- Once your milk comes in be prepared to feel full, sore and sensitive if you delay in feeding your baby. Breast will be engorged when they are filled with milk. To stop this; feed your baby at regular interval or pump to remove milk from breast. If you do not plan to feed your baby it may take 10-15 days for the milk to stop coming/stop after you stop/gradually stop breast feeding.
  4. After delivery pains- As intense the labour pain and delivery process are there is a fair bit of pain left to experience. As your uterus shrinks back to its original size you will experience cramps and after pains(period like crams) after giving birth. However this will be just for a few days until your uterus is back to its original size.
  5. Paining nipples- If you are breastfeeding nipple pain is a common problem especially if you have cracked nipples. The excessive load of feeding, bad position when breastfeeding or a bad latch anything can cause nipple cracks and hence pain.
  6. Overall swelling- Lots of women have swelling in their hands, feet and face. And it may not go when you give birth. You can still feel swollen up significantly after birth up to 6 months. To feel better put your feet up when you can, drink lots of water, eat more fiber rich food and rest well.
  7. Hemorrhoid- They are painful and swollen veins in and around anus which can bleed or hurt even during pregnancy or after giving birth. All the pushing while giving birth is traumatizing for your pelvis. Best way to avoid hemorrhoids is to not get constipated, drink lots of water and eat fiber rich food.
  8. Excessive sweating- All the hormonal changes in your body makes you sweat even more. Plus since you will be breastfeeding its body’s way to produce more scent for baby to be able to recognise you.
  9. Knee Pain, feeling tired- The pushing during labour can do some damage to your knees and make you excessively tired after birth. Good news is that its a matter of few weeks and you will feel perfectly normal. Its best to take it easy after birth, rest as much as you can, ask for help if you need it and just take care in general. Start workout after a nod from your doctor.
  10. Postpartum blues- Its not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with the whole labour and delivery process. Not to mention the constant breastfeeding, caring for a new born. It can make you feel down. Its nothing to worry as long as you feel better with each passing day as you settle into your routine with your new born. Talk your doctor, husband and friends about it and seek help if needed.
  11. Low sex drive- In the rush of delivery and talking care for the new born your libido can take a down turn and sex may not be on your mind for a while. But don’t forget to give your partner time, be intimate even if not sexually.
  12. Perineum discomfort- Its the area between your vagina and the rectum. To give birth the skin stretches between this area and even tear to help baby’s head to come out and deliver. After birth your doctor will asses your tear and decide if stitches are needed or not. Any ways you will have discomfort, swelling down there. Its difficult to sit for long hours to breast feed. To heal better keep the area clean and dry, take sitz bath regularly for at least 13 days and apply any ointment if needed.

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