5 early signs of labour

The early signs of labour can be something that can be easily missed as the symptoms are quite common to be ignored.


But if you know what you are looking for then you can easily pick up the signs of early labour.

The start of the labour is the latent phase when your cervix is soft and thin. It’s starts to open basically for your baby to come.

Start of the labour can be a few hours to a few days. Thats different for everyone and there is no way of knowing how long after the labour starts you may give birth.

5 signs of early labour-

  • Contractions or tightening feeling
  • You mucus plug is starting to loosen and you may have lot of vaginal discharge
  • Severe backache or lowerback pain which may not go away whichever way you would turn
  • An urge to go to the washroom which means your baby is coming down the cervix
  • Your water breaking or part of water leaking

When to call your doctor after signs of labour-

  1. Your water breaks completely
  2. You have any vaginal bleeding
  3. Your baby is not moving or less baby activity felt
  4. You are less than 37 weeks pregnant and you see signs of labour


Even with all the signs you many not need to rush to hospital straight away.

Talk to your GP or doctor and set up a timeline, establish that you are in active labour and make sure you reach hospital when need to.

It cam take hours or weeks for labour to be in active phase. It means that you can be 2-4 cms dialated and till that time you are in passive labour.

You can easily stay at home if you are not in active labour.

PS. I was in passive labour for 2 weeks before I got induced.

So your doctor will be the best person to advice you on what to do. But if you catch any of these signs after 37 weeks congrats mama baby is not away from being born.

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