15 Indian Sweet recipes for diwali 2020

Diwali is here and the dessert is every where. Indian sweet recipes that are a must try this diwali 2020.

Diwali is incomplete without the mention of sweets and ladoos. And there is something special about homemade mithai.

Be it the besan ke ladoo or mohanthal or gulab jamun. These recipes remind us of our childhood.

When making desserts for your family at home its special and our kids will learn the true meaning of diwali celebration and the goodness of homemade sweets.

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indian sweet recipes

Kesar Dry Fruit Kheer, Indian Saffron Rice Pudding

saffron rice pudding, kheer

Rose Coconut Ladoo

rose coconut ladoo

Jaggery Rasgulla

jaggery rasgulla

Gujrati Mohanthal

gujrati mohanthal

Saat – A Mangalore an Dessert

saat mangalorean

Milk Powder Gulab Jamun

milk powder gulab jamun

Besan Ke Ladoo, gram flour 3 ingredient ladoo

besan ke ladoo

Rasabali Paneer Dessert

Rasbali paneer dessert

Dharwad Peda

dharwad peda

15 Min Homemade Milk Powder Burfi | Dry Milk/Milk Powder 15 Min Fudge

milk powder burfi

Shahi Badaam Phirni

shahi badaam phirni

Instant White Chocolate Kalakand, 10 mins Indian dessert

white chocolate kalakand

Kaju Katli, Cashew Fudge

kaju katli

Mysore Pak

mysore pak

Atte ki Pinni, wholewheat ladoo

atte ki pinni

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2 thoughts on “15 Indian Sweet recipes for diwali 2020

  1. Hi When l lived in Penang an Indian friend of ours made these little cakes. The were white and a bit powdery and she shaped them into animals! Sooo yummy! I have no idea what they were called but does anyone else have an idea. Thanks so much Sarah

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