Curry Leaves Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

When it comes to hair care we often choose chemical laden hair products some of which may be good and free of toxins.

But we often overlook in our kitchen.

Using natural ways to condition and nourish hair is the best way to sustainably care for hair without harming them.

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How to make curry leaves coconut oil-

💮1 cup coconut oil (any brand is fine)

💮20-25 curry leaves(green ones)

What to do-
💮In a sauce pan or a tadka pan add both oil and curry leaves.
💮Heat it on simmer.
💮First you will see the leaves browning a bit then they will darken. Switch off the gas and let it cool down.
💮Don’t let the leaves burn or go black as it will darken more while cooling. 💮Oil should be ready in 5-7 min Max and ready to cooled down
💮Once cooled store in a clean container with the curry leaves.

How to use curry leaves oil for hair fall or dry hair or hair conditioning.