​7 Salad Recipes To Beat The Heat This Summer

Follow theyellowdaal While temperature is rising in most parts these salads make a light meal or a mid meal snack to keep you full without putting in too much effort to cook. Try them now!! GRILLED PANEER SALAD WITH ORANGE VINAIGRETTE- http://theyellowdaal.com/salad/grilled-paneer-salad-orange-vinaigrette/ VEG SALAD IN CREAMY VINAIGRETTE DRESSING- http://theyellowdaal.com/salad/veg-salad-in-creamy-vinaigrette-dressing/ THAI SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN SALAD- http://theyellowdaal.com/30min-recipes/thai-sweet-chilli-chicken-salad/