6 Signs Your Baby Is Ready To Start Solids

Motherhood is journey where we start to first bond with our babies via breastfeeding. But soon thereafter 6 months pass and it’s time to feed baby their first solid food. I know for many mom’s this can be a daunting task, specially first time moms. So here are 6 Signs your baby is ready to start solids.

Signs that your baby is ready to start solids

****Indian Academy Of Pediatrics recommends starting solid food to baby only after 6months of age.

I know from experience that a baby can be ready before 6 months too so here are some pointers which will help you decide. Please also consult your Pediatrician before starting solids.

  • If your baby is 7kgs and up (before 6 months) – they are most likely to be ready to eat solids as their hunger may not just be fulfilled by breastmilk. That does not automatically mean that they are ready so read next point.
  • Still hungry after feeding/endless breastfeeding – so your baby may either cry or be cranky after a feed and you may see a pattern that they may be hungry just after you breastfed them. Try staring solids then.
  • Can sit up straight – babies these days are able to sit up straight by 4-5 months. Sitting up straight is important as their is less chances of choking while feeding. Don’t ever feed your baby while lying on their back.
  • Good neck control – With sitting up straight they should have good neck control so that they have control of themselves when feeding. Again less chances of choking. By 4 months babies are able to hold their neck steadily.
  • Showing Interest in food – Babies who are ready to eat solid show interest in food around them. They love to stare at you while you eat or they will snatch food items from you, it shows they are interested in exploring food.
  • Baby has lost tongue thrush reflex – when you feed your baby any kind of solid and they do not push the food out of their mouth rather take it in you can try starting solids for your baby.

These are some of the tips for baby readiness for starting solids + some useful tips for starting solids for babies here

Please note- Even if you start solids for your baby don’t swap / stop breastfeeding for solids. Babies still need breastfeeding / formula for their growth. Think of solids as an extra something for them to gain nutrients from. Starting solids basically lays foundation of eating food, good habits and self feeding.

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Signs that your baby is ready to start solids

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