Baked Samosa (veg quiche samosa style)

I always want to add healthy recipes to my blog reason being simple- what you eat reflects on you. Once in a while it’s ok to indulge but on a regular basis if I were to eat fried and full fat goodies….uhg can’t even say how I feel now. Though there was a time when I could.

Anyways coming back to the post these samosa are so good that you will not feel the difference in baked and fried samosa in terms of taste. I have to say it DELIVERS !!!!!

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Baked samosa

Some important things to begin with

I haven’t used a lot of butter in the dough. You can increase the butter as per your liking.

For filling and spices added in it you can be more innovative. Go Chinese is my second best route as the leftovers work so well with this recipe.

The flour, butter and water needs to be refrigerated atleast 30 min before starting as that is the key to this flaky looking samosa.

Egg is to make the dough rich and totally optional. Knead the dough without it if you want.

The dough is a dry dough not a wet one. Once it all comes together use a cling film to bring it all together and let it rest.

Baked samosa

Directions to make veg samosa-


For dough
2 Cups APF(Put it in freezer for half an hr)
2 tsp chilled butter
1 large egg (optional)
1 tsp ajwain, carrom seeds
Salt as per taste
Chilled water for kneading

For filling
1 big boiled potato mashed roughly
1/2 cup peas(I have used frozen peas)
1/2 green capsicum
a pinch of hing, asefotedia
1 tsp jeera, cumin seeds


Preparing dough

Rub the chilled butter in APF with your hands. it will become like crumbs. add the egg, salt & ajwain. Now add water and the dough will start coming together. You can use oilive oil just enough to make a neat dough.
Let it rest for half an hour in fridge.

For filling

Take kadai, add oil, put jeera and hing and let it flutter.

Now add peas and capsicum and cook for 1 minute, add salt and black pepper as per taste. Now add potatoes and let it cook for few minutes and let it cool.

For Final Assembling

Now take the dough out and make small balls just like you would make for puris(about 30gm each)

Roll out thin & cut it in half. Take one half and using your thumb and forefinger make a conical shape and fill in the potato filling and seal the edges.

Brush with milk or butter.

Bake for 10-15 min at 200C or until a nice crust forms on it. Enjoy with imli sweet chutney and hot tea.


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