Cold Coffee Made With Sviten Natural Sweetener

Its burning up everywhere, all are desperately waiting for rains. While doing so sipping a chilled glass of cold coffee really would be amazing. I made some last weekend with Beetroot & Paneer Croquettes and it was so refreshing than the usual chai/tea.

The other nice thing about cold coffee was that I made it using Sviten Natural Sweetener.

Sviten Natural Sweetener is made from Stevia Plant(member of the chrysanthemum family) native of northeastern Paraguay. In other word stevia is a plant that has sweet leaves. If you eat the leaves, they will be sweet. You can easily replace them in tea for sugar. Once I got Stevia plant from a nursery on highway GO GREEN. Its basically a plant mall. Well it served its purpose for while but I could really know why but it didn’t survive. But I really wanted to have it back.  And now I have, as sviten has solved that.


For making Sviten Natural Sweetener leaves of stevia are steeped, processes to get steviol Glycoside which gives sweetness of zero calorie level. Sviten natural sweetener is suitable for diabetic and calorie conscious people & is naturally gluten free.

My cold coffee certainly feels healthy with no artificial sugar. You can buy SVITEN NATURAL SWEETENER FROM THE BELOW LINK(click on the picture).


Here Goes the Recipe-

Makes 2 servings.


2 tbsp instant coffee

300 ml Full cream milk

100 ml water

Lots of ice cubes

2 Sachets Sviten Natural Sweetener


Blend everything together in a blender.

Pour in serving glasses.

Top with sweet coffee powder.






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