Mango Custard

I want to make full use of this mango season and incorporate mango in my dessert in way or another. Now I had some cake, mango and custard. Mix all these up. For this dessert I have used marble cake but any flavour sponge cake can be used. Just use your imagination. These flavours really work well together.


I have assembled in a glass and it looks so pretty and instantly appealing?.



1cup Custard(vanilla flavour) made as per instructions and cooled
Marble cake for layering
Mango for topping (preferable alphanso or badami)


Take a tall glass and crumble good amount of cake at the bottom.

Now pour in the custard in glass carefully without spoiling the layer.

Again layer with the cake crumbs and top with 2bsp of custard.

Top with finely sliced mango.

Enjoy your dessert with this mango twist.


Hope you enjoy my cake, custard and mango’s dessert all in one. Do share it with others.?

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