Rase Wale Aloo| Boiled Potato in Tangy Tomato Sauce| No Onion, Ginger or Garlic| 30 min Recipe

I think this is one of the easiest and most tasty preparation of boiled potatoes. I love the tanginess of the sauce and it just goes so well with puri.

Aloo + puri + pickle + fresh curd= pure bliss


And its so easy to put together. Some important points to know when making rase wale aloo.

  1. Potato’s should be freshly boiled for best results.
  2. Adding a little sugar in the gravy enhances the flavour of the gravy.
  3. Choose the desi tomatoes or the one’s that are ripe. Pulpy tomatoes wont give the same taste.
  4. Masalas are the main component that make or break any dish. And in this case less is more.( you will understand this once you read the recipe)

So lets begin.

Directions to make Rase wale aloo-


6-7 potato’s freshly boiled(roughly chopped)

4 large tomato’s pureed in blender

3 tbsp oil

1 tsp jeera

1/4 tsp hing

Salt as per taste

Red chilli powder as per taste(preferable that has rich red color)

1 tsp sugar

1/4 Turmeric

1 tsp roasted cumin powder

1/4 tsp garam masala

1 tsp coriander powder


In a heavy bottom pan heat oil and temper the jeera and hing.

Add tomato puree and cook till all the moisture reduces. Add all the masalas and sugar. Cook for another 30 sec.

Add the potato’s and add 1 glass water(250ml) and let it cook and reduce further to a thick consistency.

Mash some of the potatos in the gravy to get that typical rase wale aloo.

Enjoy with hot puris!!



This recipe serves 3-4 people easily. You can add kastruri methi for flavour.

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