Top 5 baby wipes brands in India, Real Mom’s Review

When it comes to our babies us moms leaves no stones unturned to give the best to them. During my first pregnancy, I was so young and naive. I had no idea about the baby products I need or the baby brands to trust or even the basics of shopping for a baby.

I turned to my elders, moms near me or the great internet for everything. In addition, this was 6 years ago.

So when I became a mom again I had so much more confidence on handling things, I was more aware of the things that I wanted for my baby.
Trust me a lot of your baby products and equipment will be a waste even before your baby turns 6 months old.

However, there is one thing that you would need for the longest time ever are the baby wipes. Baby wipes are so essential for a new mom and every mom should keep them handy at all times.

Baby wipes come in handy right from when they are born to when they start eating solid food to when you step out of the house. Literally everywhere!!

Baby wipes are not only used for baby’s face but also for their bum for potty time cleaning, also for their cute little hands while eating solids or during playtime and even the whole body. So you see it’s essential to use a baby wipes that is natural and free from chemicals that may be gentle on your baby’s skin.

So here are my recommendation for the top 5 baby wipes brands in India-

Mother Sparsh 99% unscented pure water baby wipes-

Mother Sparsh wipes are plant based baby wipes and are meant for babies that have normal to sensitive skin. The Mother Sparsh baby wipes can be used from face to toes anywhere without any worries, as they are plant based and are 99% water wipes.
I remember especially in the initial months I had kept multiple packs of Mother Sparsh baby wipes around the house and diaper bag because they came in so handy.

Key features of the Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are-

• The wipes are made with medical grade based plant based cloth and water and it makes me feel so much better to know that it’s equal to using a wet cotton cloth for cleaning.
• Their wipes are 99% pure water wipes. It feels like I am using cloth. I also use these wipes to remove my make up and they work so well even with a T zone oily skin patch.
• The wipes are 3 times thicker and feels so soft on baby’s skin. When cleaning baby’s bum this helps so much.
• The pack of wipes comes with a safety lock to prevent any water leakage from wipes. It’s so much helpful specially while travelling; and I keep a pack in my diaper bag always.
• The wipes have no fragrance added that makes them pure and gentle.
• Mother Sparsh wipes are dermatologically tested for all skin types and clinically examined for infections and rashes. So no more irritation from the wipes and its perfect for sensitive skin babies.
• The wipes are 100% biodegradable so they are healthy for the planet. As a consumer we should be equally responsible to buy such products that are good for the planet.
• No after stickiness or smell from wipes. As I find this problem with many other wipes but not with mother sparsh wipes, because they are mostly water based they feel pure water without any chemicals.

The Mother Sparsh 99% unscented pure water wipes single pack is rs 299/- and pack of two is rs 499/-

Chicoo Baby Moments Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes-

Chicoo baby wipes are made with 100% soft fabric that is cleans baby’s skin during nappy change and for face and hands. Good thing is it hs Aloe Ver and Chemomile that does not leave baby’s skin dry. And I love the subtle fragrance it leaves in baby’s skin.

Key Feature of Chicoo Baby Wipes-

° Chicoo Wipes are made with soft non woven fabric and is gentle on baby’s skin.
° The Wipes are 100% vegetarian in original and safe for use.
° The aloe Vera and chamomile provides ample nourishment for baby’s skin after cleaning.

Single Chicoo baby wipes pack of 72 wipes is rs 179/-

Roo & Boo Skin Care Wipes-

Roo and boo Wipes are extremely soft on baby’s skin whilist providing mild fragrance to keep baby fresh. Their Wipes are parben free and are infused with VIT E. The wipes claim to be 99% water and it does smell and feel fresh with minimal ingredients.

Key features of Roo and Boo Wipes-

° Roo and boo Wipes are mild and delicate and have little fragrance.
° It’s infused with candula extracts to deal with fungal infection or any inflammations.
° The Wipes contain 99% water.
° The Wipes are paraben free and infused with VIT E.
° The Wipes are zero alchocol based.
Roo and Boo Pack of 3(216 wipes) is 185/-

Roo and Boo Pack of 3(216 wipes) is 185/-

Pampers Gentle Wipes With Aloe Vera-

Pampers gentle baby wipes has the goodness of aloe Vera that helps prevent rashes when wearing diapers. Pamper baby wipes are suitable for diaper cleaning, hands and face. A very mild fragrance keeps baby clean and fresh.
Key features of pampers gentle Wipes with aloe vera-
° Pampers baby Wipes are 97% water based wipes.
° The Wipes are enriched with aloe Vera and it prefects baby’s skin from drying out.
° The Wipes are easy to use as the sze of wipe is wipe for proper cleaning.
° The thick material of Wipes is still soft of baby’s skin like cotton and water.
° The Wipes are safe to use for normal as well as sensitive skin.
Pampers gentle wipes with alovera is rs 278/- for pack of 2(144 wipes)

Himalaya gentle baby wipes is rs 245/- for pack of 2(72 wipes)

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

Himalaya baby wipes have herbal ingredients like Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus. These are gentle baby wipes that are soothing for baby during a nappy change. The Himalaya wipes are mild on baby’s skin and prevents any rashes and irritation when wiping. The baby wipes are ideal to use using diaper change and protect from germs and bacteria.

Key features of Himalaya gentle baby wipes-

° Himalaya gentle baby wipes are mild wipes with some fragrance.
° It allows are germ free nappy change time.
° The aloe Vera in the wipes moisturises the skin.
° The Indian Lotus makes the skin of baby soft and supple.
° The wipes have a special pH balanced formula that reduces skin irritation.

Himalaya gentle baby wipes is rs 245/- for pack of 2(72 wipes)

With so many baby wipes its certainly a task to find the right one that suits your baby’s skin. The most important aspect is to choose a wipe that is soft on baby’s skin, environmental friendly, less chemical, made with natural ingredients.

Hope my recommendation are useful so you can make the right choice for your baby!

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