Top 5 Free Video Editing App For Instagram, No Watermarks

If you are a blogger, vlogger, influencer chances are you needed to edit a video once in a while. With instagram changing its format from photo sharing platform to a video sharing platform, video editing is quickly becoming a skill you need to know to create engaging content.

All the video editing app are free to use and have no watermark. That means you can use them to unleash your creativity.

Although you don’t need all of them at the same time but do try all of them to see which one works best for your needs.

Free Video Editing App

All these apps also have a paid version and will update here when I use them myself.

Top 5 free video editing apps for instagram-

Youcut– This was one of the first apps I used when I started my video editing journey. This app is very user friendly and everything is very straight forward. Youcut has all the cut, copy paste functions with video layouts for most social media platforms. They have a limited library of audio.

InShot– This app is quite popular among the blogger circle. Many use it for its easy to use editing interface. Its free version is more than sufficient for basic level video editing. Plenty of options for font, audio and animation.

VITA– One of my favourite apps Vita app gives a variety of options for audio and text titles, stickers apart from the basic functions of cut, copy pasta as any video. You can choose to remove watermark in the settings.

VLLO– This app has the most options extra in terms of animation, text, audio, pin blur, speed, transitions. A must try once for professional style video editing.

VN– One of the cooler apps that work on phone and desktop same. They have a variety of subtitle sample options to choose from plus audi’s library is good for most generic videos.

This reel was edited in Youcut and VN app and it turned out to be great!

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Free Video Editing App

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Leave in comments which one is your favourite. Or have you tried any one of these apps and whether you liked it.

Free video editing apps

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