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Vegetable stock is the summation for goodness of all veggies in the liquid form. It can be used to flavor your sauces, gravies, stews, make soup. Its not just about boiling veggies for stock but to extract maximum flavor out of them. Best part you can make normal mix bhaji/sabji out of the residue. Interested!!! Read further.

Fresh vegetables are key for good stock!!

For example if I am making pav bhaji I just simply add more water, boil the vegetables and I get stock plus my vegetable are boiled. Voila.

Now If I am not making pav bhaji then what. Simply after straining the stock you can store the residue up to a week and figure out what you want to make. The ingredients and method are a bit optional as you can choose with whatever is available with you and


1 Medium Size Bottle gourd/ Lauki

100 gm French Beans

1 bunch spring onions

200 gm Carrot/ gajar

200 gm mix color capsicum

A cup of mushroom stems

50 gm turnip/ shalgham

Handful coriander stem


Take a deep heavy bottom pot. Put all the veggies and about 1 & 1/2 ltr water in the pot.

As soon as the water comes to boil simmer and cook until half.

Stain the stock. Reserve in refrigeration for up to a week or for 3 months in freezer.

Strain the liquid for wholesome stock!!

Please Note:

  • If you choose to freeze the stock, reduce till 1/4th. When needed use as required.
  • You can choose more variety of veggies as per availability and choice.
  • You can also choose to make stock of green veggies(coriander, palak, celery, lauki and some mint)
  • You can boil lauki in 1/2 ltr water and use lauki for making sabji. Mix with the rest of the stock.

Hope this post helps you in your yummy recipes.


Its important to add veggies in water before putting it on stove for boiling. It ensure maximum flavor.

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