5 Must Know Health Hacks For New Mums Who Want To Stay Fit

MUST KNOW HEALTH HACKS FOR NEW MUM is your guide to the things that you can do to ensure you are not ignoring yourself on the face of childbirth and life.You have just had a baby and your 40 days of confinement have completed. Now you have started with the household chores and take care of your family and baby.

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Do you think that these 40 days is enough for you to recover from the trauma of a child birth? Life certainly seems normal. I can say I felt normal just after 2 weeks of my delivery(after natural birth) but was I NORMAL.

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Do you experience back ache, joint pains(especially knees), mood swings, baby blues, postpartum depression?!

I will share with you life hacks to take care of your health-

  1. SLEEP WHEN YOU CHILD SLEEPS– so we have heard this a thousand times from everyone but is it possible? YES only when you want it to. All the house hold work, Facebook, wats app and other things can wait. Its the best time to sleep. As new mums its difficult to sleep with the 24 hr baby demands(especially with toddlers) but this way at least somehow you get to sleep and that too peacefully. Make sure you convey to all in family that not to wake you or disturb you during this time.
  2. EAT WHEN YOUR CHILD EATwondering how? When you sit down to feed the baby always keep a glass of water to sip on or an infused water will be even better. As you get to know your baby’s feeding schedule feed yourself by a simple salad or sandwich to keep you full. Make sure the food you choose to eat is healthy. Unhealthy binge eating is just going to lead to weight/health issues later on.
  3. WALK WITH YOUR BABY– An evening stroll with your baby is helpful for both mother and child. As soon as you have established a routine you can go for walks. Its a good time to catch up with friends which is not possible other wise. If possible stay away from your phone and enjoy nature and some NO-PHONE. Trust me it will rejuvenate you and also walking is a great way to stay fit.
  4. SPEND TIME ALONE– It may not be the easiest thing to do when you have just had a baby(especially if its baby no. 2 or more). But seek help; from husband, friendly neighbors, inlaws or friends who are willing to help. It could be for an hour in a day to few hours (for your favorite activity) on weekends. This will not only help you de-stress but help you gain perspective, let you enjoy freedom and going back to your kid happy.
  5. DO YOGA– With a toddler its often difficult to leave the house for any outdoor physical activity. Yoga is the most easiest form of exercise that you can manage to do at home. There are lot of YouTube channels that are dedicated to staying fit or loosing weight postpartum. Try them. Or do any sort of physical activity that keeps you active.

I hope this post helps you in keeping fit and happy!!! Cheers.

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Disclaimer- All the views are solely from my own experience. For health related matters please contact your physician/doctor. These post with help you on a general basis.

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