Atte Ki Pinni | Punjabi Pinni Recipe | Whole Wheat & Dry Fruit Energy Balls

Living in Mumbai I miss out on the cold winter morning’s and evening’s I witnessed for so long in North India???. Today is comparatively cold in Mumbai also.

This made way to make our second batch of atte ki pinni for this season.????

These are delicious mouthfull, yummy and healthy at the same time. Though it’s loaded with ghee and dryfruits but isn’t that the point of making them????. We used to have it in morning with a glass of milk as children. And the legacy continues… 1 year old loves it too….???


It’s a long process yet a very delicious one at the end. I think I myself had 3 pinni’s today itself which means I have to resist myself for another two days not to have them ???.


Directions to make atte ki pinni-

A quick video recipe –

**Note-the ingredients measurements in the recipe and the video are different. Please pick one set of ingredients before starting. 


1kg wheat flour

1/2 kg sugar grinded finely

2 cups of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, raisins)

250gms fresh ghee/clarified butter (learn to make ghee in 3 easy steps)

2tbsp goond/edible gum(optional)


In a large heavy bottom kadai heat half of the ghee and fry goond (if using) and keep aside.

Now in the leftover ghee roast the dry fruits one by one. Make sure not to brown them. 

Add in the rest of the ghee and wheat flour and mix till the wheat flour is nicely incorporated and begins to brown.

At this point be very careful not to burn the flour.

For this you can see the video to get an idea for the flour. 

At last when ready add sugar, goond and dry fruits. It can be adjusted as per taste. Now bhuno for few more min until sugar is well combined.

When it’s cooled enough to be handled start making ladoos. Don’t forget to gobble some up too???.



Can’t make it now..

Pin it here for later ??

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