Besan Ke Ladoo

Besan Ke Ladoo are made with just 3 basic ingredients, the extra 4th is just what I love to add sometimes.

Chickpea flour is roasted on a low flame and then sugar, ghee and dry fruit of your choice is added. This may not seem like big task but it takes experience to get to the level where you can know by the look and feel and smell that the Ladoo is ready.

This is a traditional dessert usually made around Diwali. Or specifically in winters so that it can be digested easily. One Ladoo is like an energy ball; with a glass of milk or tea it can be an evening snack.

So this Diwali we have an array of desserts that are made. Some of them are here⬇

One important ingredient in Indian desserts or cooking in general is Ghee. It’s simply clarified butter which means all the milk solids have been cooked and the residue is ghee. You can try my recipe – how to cook ghee from malai/ cream. Recipe⬇

Directions to make Besan Ke Ladoo-


2 cups besan/ chickpea flour/ gram flour

** choose besan which is a bit coarse and not super fine.

1 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup ghee(**ghee is not melted or solid, just room temperature semi solid ghee)

50 gm crushed almonds(optional)


In a heavy bottom pan start by roasting besan/chickpea flour.

Scrape the sides and bottom so that it does not stick to the pan.

Now add ghee 1 tbsp at a time. As soon as you add ghee a very lumpy mix will form and it will be hard to move it around. Make sure to remove the lumps with the back of your laddle.

But you have to keep mixing and in a few mins it will start to loosen a bit.

As the besan/chickpea flour is roasting your how will be filled with its aroma. Now its important to remember that besan can burn quickly so be careful.

The besan will turn from sandy mix to a gooey mix which will become very hard to move and also the color will change.

Dont be tempted to add extra ghee as it will make them heavier to make ladoo and heavier to digest.

Niw switch off the bass and let the roasted besan cool down enough to handle with your hands.

Now add almond and mix well. Once almonds are mixed add sugar. Mix well.

Make ladoos. I made 20 ladoos out of this measurement.

Store in an airtight container once they cool down. These stay well for upto a month.


Can’t make them now. Pin it here for later ⬇

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