How To Make Ghee From Malai In 3 Easy Steps(No Churning, Whisking or blending)

Making ghee from malai directly is the ancient old tradition which is going to be revamped in this post. Gone will be those days when ghee was made by whisking by hand or by blender, it required so much effort.

How many of us like ghee laden Roti or Paratha, I know I do.

How to make ghee from malai directly is a common recipe. How I transform it in these no churn, whisk or blend 3 easy steps is a reinvention in it self.

The idea is to make gheee from malai quickly without making butter, instead we make ghee from malai directly. This is an easy way to make ghee without effort.


I am not child anymore so I cant have so much of ghee but I wish my childhood could come back. As a child I loved ghee; then came my teenage years where I used to roll back excess ghee back into the dabba because HELLO ITS FATTENING!! Then it was reminded to me during pregnancy that ghee is essential for me. So many theories….. And so I enjoyed ghee roti, paratha and some in daal(extra just for ME) and Oh how can I forget my ghee ki panjeeri. In punjabi household its mandatory. So thats all my ghee love for y’all.

So you see having ghee was so essential in my life. But I only learnt how to make it when I got married. Before that “switching off the gas” was the only work I did in regard to making ghee. How I got this method is just by mistake but it sure works so well.


Ghee making has never been so easy for me. Now it doesn’t really feels like a extra job to do. I got malai/ cream from 2ltrs full cream milk for 15 days and followed this process.

How to extract thick malai from milk for making ghee-

In order to get thick malai on top of milk follow these steps.

  1. Heat 2 ltr of milk. When it boiled let it cool down naturally.
  2. Without moving a lot place your milk vessel in the fridge and leave it there for 5-6 hours.
  3. If you can leave overnight even better.
  4. Now scrape the malai from the edges and scoop out the malai.
  5. For this recipe I have collected malai like this for 15 days.

Directions to make ghee from malai directly-


15 days malai as I have collected as mentioned

1 cup curd(the sour the better)


Step -1

Mix together the malai and curd. Leave it outside(no need to refrigerate)

Step -2

Leave outside for another day. You will see the milk solids and buttermilk separating and that’s exactly what we want.(see notes)

Step -3

Transfer to a thick bottom pan and start heating. Soon the mixture will get watery. Let it cook further on slow gas and in about 20mins you will see ghee.

Strain in a clean jar. Use as required.

So easy right. Its literally like doing nothing.

Some things to know-

  • In summers leaving it out for 1 day or a day and half is also sufficient.
  • Especially in summers please make sure you don’t leave it out for too long. If it smells bad means you can’t use it.
  • On day one when you leave it out side you will see watery stuff and solid stuff sperate. On second day there will be more liquid. Its perfectly normal.
  • In winters you may need to keep it for another day if the malai has not split yet.
  • During the resting period there is not really a need for mixing it. Although mixing will not make any difference. The trick is in leaving it alone.
  • If you live in a humid place pls keep an eye on the mixture as it may catch mold or fungus. In this case on day 2 you an start making ghee or keep in fridge until you are ready for next step.

So enjoy your fuss-free ghee making. Spread it on your roti or use in tadka.


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