How To Make Bihari Style Aloo Chokha

These are not actually how Bihari make aloo; I guess. I used to live at a place where a bihari aunty used to stay and she made these killer smashed potatoes with khichri.

bihari aloo

Her aloo recipe is so simple and khichri very spicy. The combo really stayed with me after all these years. So Bihari Aunty + Smashed Aloo= Bihari Aloo.
Hope it makes sense now. This recipe has abundance of onions and it gives a nice juiciness and sweetness in the dish so that they are not dry.

bihari style aloo
I have paired this dish with khichri, bharwa karela and raita.

Try it. Really it works well together. Also use the same recipe for filling in aloo paratha or sandwich. Yum!!

Directions to make Birhari Style Aloo Chokha-


6-7 boiled potatoes smashed
3 onions chopped length wise
1tsp jeera for tempering
Salt, red chilli powder and haldi as per taste
Around 6-7 tbsp of mustard oil
Fresh coriander


Heat mustard oil till smoked. Add in the jeera.

Now add onions and saute it for about a min. Just have to cook them till they are soft.

Add in the spices cook another 10 sec.

Add mashed potatoes. Mix well.

Now the only job is to roast/bhuno the potato’s. The more you do the more flavor you get. Mix in the coriander for some freshness.

Serve with khichri, bharwa karela and raita.


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