Dark Chocolate Fudgy Walnut Brownie

Fudgy-brownie-pinterestFudgy-brownieThis Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownie is super moist, fudgy, chocolaty, nutty; all the things that a good brownie should have.

When I was searching for a perfect fudgy walnut brownie recipe I searched through tons of post, blogs, recipe and really this recipe is just so happened worked for me. SPOT ON!!!


This recipe has been adapted from my fellow blogger Vinita Singh’s Brownie Recipe. This is the second time I am making them specially to click pictures. I didn’t get to click any last time?

I have halved the original recipe as I had a small brownie tin. This measurement yields 6 large piece or 12 small piece.

See recipe video here-

(Ps. This video was made quite later than the post itself but a quick video doesn’t hurt)

Directions To Make Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownie-


1/4 cup All purpose flour/maida
75 gm butter
3/4 to 1 cup granulated sugar as per sweet preference
3 small eggs or 2 large egg
75 gm dark chocolate(I have used amul cooking chocolate)
1 tsp coffee powder(optional-choose instant coffee)
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla essence


Melt butter and dark chocolate in a heavy bottom saucepan. Let the mix come to room temperature.


  • Please make sure that you do this step on a double boiler or microwave. If using direct heat it needs to be very low heat & continuous stirring in order to avoid burning chocolate.
  • Let this mixture cool until you beat the eggs. If it doesn’t; wait for the next step.

Cream together egg and sugar until fluffy.

*Do not skip this step. This is crucial in a crinkle top on a brownie.

Add vanilla essence, coffee and cocoa powder.

Add the butter mixture in the egg mix.

Fold in the flour and mix to form a smooth batter. Now add half the crushed walnut in the batter.

Tip in the lined tin and sprinkle rest of the walnuts on top.

Bakeat 170°C for 20 mins until toothpic inserted comes clean.

Pls keep an eye on them after 12 mins or have a guess as epr oven.


Enjoy with vanilla ice cream.

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