Watermelon Mint Cooler

Another cooling recipe for this scorching heat. Its melony, minty and tasty. Usually I am the one to bring fruits and veggies from the market. But this time I asked my hubby to bring watermelon on his way back and to no one’s surprise it was a “big” watermelon. Now my son & I tried to finish it off but we cant really eat the whole thing. Yes blending it and drinking was the first thing on my mind as its easier to do?. When i have to blend it so why not add something’s and make it more yummier?.


This recipe quantity yields around 2 tall glasses. So make it, enjoy it, relish it.


Watermelon chopped in chunks-6 cups
1/4tsp ginger juice
1tbsp honey
2tsp mint leaves crushed in motor and pastel
Black salt as per taste
Sugar( if watermelon doesn’t taste sweet enough)


Blend the watermelon chunks and strain in a jar.

Add ginger juice, honey, salt and crushed mint.

To enhance the flavor wet the rim of the serving glass and dab in green mint chutney or black salt. Pour the final mix and ice cubes.


I love these kind of fruity recipes as they are quick and soooooo damn refreshing. Ginger, mint, honey all are cooling agents and works so well in summers. I will be making this a lot in every summer. Will you be?? Leave your comments what else you like to do with watermelon if not just eat it??

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