Classic Chicken Burger | The Easiest Burger Recipe Ever

This Classic Chicken Burger is delicious, juicy and flavorful; made with just a handful of ingredients. Its a classic chicken burger sandwiched between fresh toasted bun, crunchy hand shredded lettuce, plain mayo and onions and tomato’s. This as fresh as its gets. Its perfect for a week nightly dinner, kids lunch box or a relaxed weekend brunch.

I like to make it an activity. Prep all the ingredients and serve on the platter and everyone gets to make their own burger. This idea is specially hit with kids as they can choose what and how much to take. It gives me an opportunity to make my son learn to take as much as he can eat. Good habits start early. Right!!!



The best part is the classic chicken burger patty is so juicy and delicious that I could eat just that for dinner?? Is that bad. Pheew!! I like a really fat burger patty so that I get a good meaty bite into my burger but its entirely your choice. Also is a good idea to use chicken breast as it gives amazing results and takes almost no time to cook. East right!! Lets see how?!


Directions to make the classic chicken burger-


150 gm Chicken Breast

2 tsp garlic powder

Salt & pepper as per taste

Handful Chopped Fresh Coriander

1 egg

3/4 to 1 cup bread crumbs(Learn to make your own bread crumbs)

Make Your Own Bread Crumbs| Tips & Tricks to Use And Store

4 Burger Buns

Butter to toast burger buns

4 Tbsp Olive oil

6-7 Big Hand shredded Lettuce

2 slices of onion and tomato for each burger


In a food processor mince the chicken breast, salt & pepper, garlic powder and coriander till all is combined. Now Add the egg and bread crumbs. Mix till you get a homogeneous mix.

Divide the chicken patty mix in 4 portions. Form patty from each.

In a non stick pan add the olive oil and cook the patty for 7-8 min each side on medium flame. Once cooked let it rest.

In the meanwhile patty is resting toast the bun and prep onions, tomato’s, mayo and lettuce. This will make everything easier to assemble.

Now Simply place some mayo on the lower half of the burger, then the patty, onion and tomato and lastly the lettuce.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of sprite.




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